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Win Quote vs. Honda
You need to brush up on your technique. I've never been so bored in my life!
-Juri Han (Super Street Fighter 4)
Similar Dialogue
Juri Han's Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Allow me to crush your dreams. One at time. Girls like you need a little misery in your life.

Ryo Sakazaki's Win Quote (King of Fighters '95, The)
Gee. You really need to work on your technique!

Todoh's Win Quote (Capcom vs SNK 2)
Hard work is needed to make a real difference in your life!

Saki's Win Quote vs. PTX-40A (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Hey, your knee joints need some maintenance! Shoddy equipment can cost you your life out in the field!

Raven's Win Quote vs. Raven (Street Fighter X Tekken)
It looks like I need to brush up on my skills. I could have sworn that I had cancelled my clone technique...

Vermillion Akiha's Win Quote (translation patch) (Melty Blood Re-ACT)
Oh, it is a surprise to be alive? No need to worry, I will not take your life. I am not that horrible of a woman.

's Win Quote vs. Johnny (Guilty Gear XX)
That technique of yours is used in Asian street performances, right? ...Do you need money or something?

Slayer's Win Quote vs. Jam (Guilty Gear XX)
You merely need to practice. With your technique, perhaps you could even beat me someday.

Sakuya's Win Quote vs. Sakuya (Blade Arcus from Shining)
You must live your own life. There is no need for you to follow the path I have chosen.

Slayer's Win Quote vs. Testament (Guilty Gear XX)
You needn't be so anxious. You'll find meaning to your life in due time.

Sogetsu Kazama's Win Quote (Perfect) (Samurai Shodown 5)
Your technique need work.

Kyo Kusanagi's Win Quote vs. NESTS Team (King of Fighters 2001, The)
As you've been so nice, I've returned your favors!

Heihachi Mishima's Win Quote vs. Cody (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Fools like yourself make me sick to my stomach! If you're so bored with your life, do something about it!

Morrigan Aensland's Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
I have no problem if your dreams are the only thing that keeps you going. As long as you're never bored...

Joe the Condor's Win Quote vs. Batsu (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
I risk my life in battle every day. Your punches feel like you've never even hit someone before.

Homura's Continue Quote (Nitro+ Blasterz)
I was so close... But now I've memorized your techniques. The next time we fight..!

Shuma-Gorath's Win Quote vs. Dormammu (Marvel vs Capcom 3)
I'll be sure to send your regards to Stephen Strange after I've choked the very life from him.

Bob's Win Quote vs. Balrog (Street Fighter X Tekken)
I've been running into your type a lot recently. People only interested in themselves. Pathetic.

PTX-40A's Win Quote vs. Batsu (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
I've never faced an enemy that had such desire to fight! I felt your eyes piercing my armor!

Ken the Eagle's Win Quote vs. Polymer (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
I've never seen armor like yours before. I'll just take a piece for Dr. Nambu to examine.

Dao-Long's Win Quote (Breakers)
I've observed all your techniques... You can't use them on me any more.

Dao-Long's Win Quote (Breakers Revenge)
I've observed all your techniques... You can't use them on me any more.

Divada's Win Quote (Weaponlord)
I've taken more than your life, ha ha ha!

Strider Hiryu's Win Quote vs. Ryu (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3)
Never have I faced a warrior with such single-minded purpose. Your technique is almost flawless.

Oume Goketsuji's Postfight vs. Kurara (Power Instinct: Matrimelee)
Oume: Go back home to your story books! Ooh, hya, hya.
Kurara: Rats! Rats! I've been pesticized!

Seth's Win Quote vs. Abel (Street Fighter 4)
You should have been destroyed long ago. Your unnatural life ends here!

Captain America's Prefight vs. Thanos (Marvel Super Heroes)
Your arrogance has always been your weakness. I'll never fall before you!

Arthur's Win Quote vs. Hawkeye (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3)
Your weapons have enchantments the likes of which I've never seen! Well, to the victor go the spoils!

Kuma (II)'s Win Quote vs. Elena (Street Fighter X Tekken)
(Of course I've been to a forest! I've just never heard any voices. That's just *weird*.)

Abel's Win Quote vs. Rufus (Super Street Fighter 4)
I'm not Ken Masters. Until today, I've never been told I even look like him.

Yuyuko Saigyouji's Win Quote vs. Marisa Kirisame (translation patch) (Immaterial and Missing Power)
I've been thinking... you don't seem to have a very long lifespan.

Tekkaman Blade's Win Quote vs. Alex (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
I've never been a big fan of grappling... That's why I had to end that fight as soon as possible.

Ahsoka's Defeat (Star Wars The Clone Wars)
I've never been so embarassed!

Sakura Kasugano's Win Quote vs. Asuka (Street Fighter X Tekken)
I've never been to Osaka, but I'd like to go someday.

Ryo Sakazaki's Win Quote Vs. Benimaru (King of Fighters XII, The)
Ouch... Come to think of it, I've never been any good with electricity moves!