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Win Quote vs. Casshern
What's the point of being invulnerable if you are just going to lose over and over again?
-Zero (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Similar Dialogue
Johnny's Win Quote vs. Chipp (Guilty Gear XX)
Hey, you're pretty fast there. But as long as I can defend against it, what's the point?

Maria Renard's Prefight (Castlevania Judgment)
I may not be sure what's going on, but I'm POSITIVE I won't lose.

Suika Ibuki's Win Quote vs. Aya Shameimaru (translation patch) (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)
I wanna hear more about tengu internal affairs... Maybe I'll just drop in and see what's going on some time...

Chipp Zanuff's Win Quote vs. Potemkin (Guilty Gear XX)
Lose some weight, will you? What's the point of all those muscles if you can't hit me?

Olcadan's Win Quote (Soul Calibur 3)
What's the matter? Are you going to disappoint me?

Chipp Zanuff's Win Quote vs. Venom (Guilty Gear XX)
What's with the outfit? You going to a costume party, or you just trying to weird me out?

Kensou's Win Quote vs. K' (King of Fighters XIII, The)
There’s no point in being depressed. I’m just stronger than you are!

Red Arcueid's Win Quote vs. Ciel (translation patch) (Melty Blood Re-ACT)
Huh, over already, Ciel? Not dying after being killed is your only strong suit. You bore me, so just die already.

Megaman's Win Quote vs. Kuro (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Did that cat Hey Roll, I think I'm going crazy over here...

Hwoarang's Win Quote vs. Nina (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Going up against an unknown enemy is easy. You just go full tilt from step 1!

Keith Wayne's Prefight vs. Oume and Kanji (Power Instinct Legends)
Keith: You two back together again?
Oume: You're going to regret you just said that!

Seth's Win Quote (King of Fighters 2001, The)
Sorry. An agent just doesn't roll over and lose!

Yang's Win Quote vs. Sean (Street Fighter 3)
You want to try again? Sure, you'll just lose again.