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Win Quote
You're energetic as ever, just don't be in such a rush.
-Morrigan Aensland (Vampire Savior)
Similar Dialogue
Oro's Win Quote vs. Alex (Street Fighter 3)
Don't judge your opponent by their appearance. You're such a cocky youth!

She-Hulk's Match Start (Marvel vs Capcom 3)
Don't think you're getting off easy just because I'm the girl Hulk.

Jam Kuradoberi's Win Quote vs. May (Guilty Gear X)
Gosh, you're just a kid! Why don't you go home to mommy?

Hwoarang's Win Quote vs. Kuma (Street Fighter X Tekken)
I don't care if you're from the forest or the zoo, just scram!

Yungmie's Win Quote vs. Matlok (Fighter's History Dynamite)
I don't know if you're a rocker or a punk, but you'll never beat me!

Yatterman-2's Win Quote (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)
Whenever you're in trouble, just call Yatterman and I'll be there! ♪

Blanka's Win Quote vs. Sagat (Super Street Fighter 4)
You don't scare me! You're just an ordinary man!

Geese Howard's Win Quote vs. Mr. Big (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum)
Your era is long over. Don't you know you're just adding to your shame?

Fei Long's Win Quote vs. Guy (Super Street Fighter 4)
You're fast! And strong! You just don't have the spirit I do!

Sakuya Izayoi's Win Quote vs. Utsuho Reiuji (translation patch) (Scarlet Weather Rhapsody)
You're using such high energies just for fireballs. That's such a waste.

Lilith's Win Quote vs. Luna (Vanguard Princess)
Don't get so disappointed! You lost to me just like every other girl!

Altina Mel Sylphis's Win Quote vs. Melty Du Granite (Blade Arcus from Shining)
I just don't understand! Why must everyone be so selfish?!

Ky Kiske's Win Quote vs. Chipp (Guilty Gear X)
I've never seen such speed! It took me a while to adjust.

Ky Kiske's Win Quote vs. Chipp (Guilty Gear XX)
I've never seen such speed! It took some time to adjust.

Eko's Win Quote vs. Mei-Fang (Story Mode) (Arcana Heart 3)
Please Chinese lady... Don't send Eko back. Eko just wants to help everybody!

Strider Hiryu's Win Quote (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3)
There's no such thing as immortals. Everyone dies. Just a matter of when.

Shura Nai Khanomtom's Win Quote (World Heroes Perfect)
Don't make such frightening faces just because you lost!!

Big Bear's (CPU) Before Mirror Match (Fatal Fury Special)
Just so you don't copy me again. I'm gonna crush you.

Angela Belti's Win Quote vs. Super Kurara (Power Instinct Legends)
Don't be in such a rush to grow up, little girl!