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Win Quote
Power alone is no guarantee of victory. Keep your eyes on your opponent!
-Ryu (Super Street Fighter 4)
Similar Dialogue
King (II)'s Win Quote vs. Asuka (Street Fighter X Tekken)
(If you plan on using your opponent's power against them, don't ever blink!)

Megaman's Win Quote vs. Cole (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Electric powers… That’s crazy man. Where are you keeping your generator? I can’t see it…

Anakaris's Win Quote (Capcom Fighting Evolution)
Let's worship the power of the Gods. They alone have brought me victory.

Chun Li's Win Quote vs. Asuka (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Using your opponent's power against them? It's a good idea, but you still have a ways to go.

Eiji Shinjo's Win Quote vs. Rungo (Game Boy) (Battle Arena Toshinden)
With power alone, you can't win. Use your brains!

M. Bison's Win Quote vs. Sakura (Street Fighter 4)
You are powerful for a girl your age. But it is not enough to keep you alive!

Geese Howard's Win Quote vs. Gato (King of Fighters XI, The)
You lose and yet you still have defiant eyes. ...You really don't know the limits of your power.

Ken Masters's Win Quote vs. Hugo (Street Fighter X Tekken)
You need to work on your footwork. You’re not going to beat me by just power alone.

Wong's Win Quote vs. Genma Rikudoh (Story Mode) (Psychic Force)
You underestimate your opponents power like a child of the visions of grandjour.

Dhalsim's Win Quote vs. Chun Li (Street Fighter 4)
Open your eyes, child. Anger alone cannot sustain us.

Dhalsim's Win Quote (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Victory is to control yourself as well as control the opponent.

Rose's Win Quote (Street Fighter Alpha 3)
Win or lose, you only achieve victory if you keep your soul!

Dhalsim's Win Quote vs. Dudley (Super Street Fighter 4)
Your pride is what keeps victory out of reach. Humble yourself, friend.

Guy's Win Quote vs. Vega (Street Fighter X Tekken)
Bushinryu is faster than the wind. One with clouded eyes such as yourself could never hope to keep up.

Crimson Viper's Win Quote vs. Sagat (Street Fighter 4)
Fighting is like business. Keep your eyes on the fight or lose it all.

Guile's Win Quote (Capcom Fighting Evolution)
If you don't keep your eyes on the prize, you'll never win.

Potemkin's Win Quote vs. Johnny (Guilty Gear X)
It doesn't matter how special your sword is. Until you finish your opponent, keep your mouth shut!

Ryu's Win Quote vs. Ibuki (Super Street Fighter 4)
You're speedy, but you have to keep an eye on your opponent if you want to win!

Potemkin's Win Quote vs. Baiken (Guilty Gear X)
Your eyes exude the knowledge of life. You were a worthy opponent.