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Sokkyu Go: Ryu... Alex... Chun Li... Batsu... They're all so strong, but they don't wear power suits, and none of them even pilot a large robot. I wonder... How strong can I become from training both body and mind? I learned from Batsu that if you have the will, justice is on your side! I've been relying too much on my power suit. I've neglected to train my own body. I need to do something about that! OK, I've decided. I'm going to train for real! And with that training Ippatsuman will only get stronger!
And so Go started to train hard every day. Foremost in his mind was making Ippatsuman more powerful. As long as he sought to do what was right, he knew that Ippatsuman's potential power was limitless. Good luck, Ippatsuman! The world is counting on you!
You see that?
Yeah, what's he doing?
Polymer: Maybe we do rely on our suits too much...
Tekkaman: Yeah... Maybe... Yeah...
Viewtiful Joe: Do you think... we should join him?

-Ippatsuman (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom)

Pending Submissions

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