Alex Movelist

Alex drops a big stomp on his opponent.

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Special Moves
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Similar Moves
Byakko / 白虎 (Shuko)
Shuko teleports above the opponent for a stomp. If successful, he blasts them away with a punch.
Death From Above (War)
War leaps into the air and attempts to come back down on the opponent's head.
Fat Replica Attack (Earthquake)
A teleport bellyflop.
Final Bringer (Heidern)
Enhanced Final Bringer
Final Bringer (Heidern)
Heidern leaps at the opponent similar to Neck Rolling, but then executes an improved Storm Bringer.
Flying Dragon Fist (Lyu Bu)
The nimble Lü Bu jumps above the shoulders of the enemy before striking with the Flying Dragon Fist. A lethal feat that will scare the enemy to death.
Gawa Ten Mashita Punch / 側転真下パンチ (Ranmaru)
Ranmaru flips forward ending with an elbow drop. Pressing @term=backward@ during the jump will cancel into the elbow prematurely.
Genmu Jin / 幻夢陣 (Sokaku)
Sokaku teleports above his opponent with staff extended downwards.
Hawk's Talon Dropping / 華中鷹爪激, Kachuu Taka Tsume Geki (Lee Pai Long)
Lee takes to the air with talons aimed at his opponent's head.
Head Press (M. Bison)
Bison leaps at his opponent's head, bounces off then turns for an optional Somersault Skull Diver with @term=anypunch@.
Head Stamp (Clown)

Metsu Sassou / 滅殺爪 (Gozu)
Disappearing into flames, Gozu flies down a moment later above the opponent with claws outstretched.
Neck Rolling (Heidern)
A high acrobatic leap at the opponent, Heidern grabs their neck and quickly spins causing massive blood loss.
Ninja Teleportation Jig / Utsusemi Tenbu, 忍法うつせみ天舞 (Hanzo Hattori)
Essentially Ninja Teleportation without the prerequisite of being hit.
Operation Tiger (Sieger)
A super version of Blitz Sieger, he flies off the top of the top of the screen and drops back down directly over the opponent.
Rear Replica Attack (Galford D. Weller)
Galford teleports above his opponent for a drop-down slash.
Smoke Escape (Batman)
Batman uses a smoke bomb to conceal his quick escape up and offscreen via grappling gun, then descends on the opponent with a vicious stomp.
Soaring Crackdown Cane / 強襲飛翔棍, Kyoushuu Hishou Kon (Billy Kane)
Billy vaults into the sky and comes down on his opponent.
Stomp (King Ghidorah)
Ghidorah stomps down and bounces off of the opponent. Can be repeated up to 9 times with skill/luck.
Violence Knee Drop (Urien)
Urien flips into the air, then drops both knees on his opponent.

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