The Joker Movelist

The Joker sprays acid from his boutonnière.

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Special Moves
Injustice +
Similar Moves
Air Questioning (Phoenix Wright)
Airborne Questioning attack.
Airblast (Ermac)
Ermac creates a downward diagonal burst of glowing green energy in front of him.
Atifu (Rin Oyama)
(Basic Stance) Rin throws a purple flame bolt at her opponent. (Changed Stance) Rin launches a big purple fireball at close range, which will hit multiple times.
Atomic Fire (Godzilla)
A short stream of fire from the mouth, lasting for the duration of the button's holding. Trajectory can be changed with @term=up@ or @term=down@.
Beam Cannon (Piccolo)
A blast of energy is released at the palm of his hand. It has projectile-like properties, but range is limited.
Dragon Crusher (BlackWarGreymon)
BlackWarGreymon swipes upward with his claws, creating a wave of energy followed by a wave of fire.
Eraser Claw (Dio)
Dio creates an immobile ball of energy that lingers for a moment.
Erif Ssik (Zatanna)
Zatanna blows a kiss that turns into a firey cloud.
Final Cutter (Kirby)
Kirby leaps upward with a scimitar, then comes back down to strike the ground with it, creating a shockwave that moves in the direction he's facing.
Fire Blast (Shrek)
Shrek holds a match to his ass and lights a fart.
Fire Breath (Minotaur)
Breathes a puff of flame.
Fire Spin (Combusken)
Swirling blast of fire from the mouth.
Flame Breath (Kintaro)
Kintaro blows a steady steam of fire from his mouth.
Flamethrower (Blaziken)
Burst of flame from the mouth.
Flamethrower (MechaGodzilla)
Short puff of fire from the mouth. Lasts for as long as the @term=anyattack@ is held.
Hellfire (Ghost Rider)
A short ranged burst of flame from the mouth in a direction chosen by button used.
Hellfire (Steve Fox)
Short-ranged fireball from the fist.
Ice Breath (Madam Woe)
Puff of freezing exhalation.
Kiai Blast (Goku)
A penetrating energy blast.
Lightning Blast (Ashrah)
Short-range light projectile that packs a wallop.
Lightning Storm (Black Adam)
Adam zaps the foe with a short-range lightning bolt. The lightning only comes out if the opponent is in range to be struck.
Mega Beam (Megazord)
Diagonal upward electric blast.
Menace Face / Ikaku Kao, 威嚇顔 (Otane Goketsuji)
A short-range grisly ghost face.
Psionic Push (Martian Manhunter)
Manhunter blasts the opponent away with telekinetic force.
Pump Shot (Lobo)
A shot from Lobo's shotgun that has more range than any of his command move shots. Quickly pressing @term=backward@ as the move is coming out causes it to hit mid and stun, while pressing @term=down@ has Lobo shoot at their feet.
Questioning (Phoenix Wright)
Phoenix shouts out a word bubble "Hold it!" that damages foes.
Radioactive Sap Spray (Biollante)
Biollante spits a stream of sap from her mouth.
Sand Splash (Felicia)
She kicks sand at her foe.
Scatter Bomb (Nightwing)
Shortrange anti-air projectile
Scatter Bombs (Batgirl)
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Scatter Bombs (Batman)
An airborne, shortrange projectile that knocks back airborne opponents and stuns standing opponents.
Sonic Disruptor (Cyborg)
Cyborg fires a wave of sound. Can be delayed, and also can be canceled into Up Sonic Disruptor if @term=upup@ is pressed quickly during delay.
Soul Flash (Lilith)
A rather short range projectile.
Thunder Dragon (Evil Green Ranger)
Electric beam from the Dragon Dagger.
Thunder Dragon (Green Ranger)
Electric beam from the Dragon Dagger.
Transcendent Sword (Omnimon)
Omnimon swipes downward with the sword protruding from WarGreymon's head, then upward, creating a shockwave each time.
Up Sonic Disruptor (Cyborg)
Cyborg fires a sonic wave straight up. Delayable, and can be canceled into the standard Sonic Disruptor if @term=down@@term=down@ is pressed during delay.
Vicinity Blast (Raiden)
A close-range lightning attack, chargeable by holding down the button. Once it gains maximum power, it deals 15% damage and is unblockable. If held too long, it explodes, dealing 1% damage to Raiden.
Vodka Fire (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief breathes a fiery blue cloud.
Vodka Fire (Zangief)
Zangief breathes a fiery blue cloud.
Wind Style: Pressure Damage (Kakuzu)
Kakuzu blasts air at the foe.
Yoga Flame (Dhalsim)
A briefly sustained burst of fire out in front.
Zero Cannon (Gotengo)
Gotengo discharges a smokey cloud from the front. Also neutralizes projectiles.

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