Cole MacGrath Movelist

Cole slides under his opponent, launching them up, then hits them further upward with his Amp.

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Throw Moves
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Similar Moves
Agito Wari / 顎割リ (Akatsuki)
Akatsuki dashes forward and delivers a swift uppercut
Anesthesia Weight (Kabuto Yakushi)

Approaching (Nemu Kurotsuchi)
Spinning punch rush combo ending with uppercut.
Arise (Sindel)
Sindel does a handstand kick that pops the opponent up very far into the air.
Armageddon Buster (DM) (Franco Bash)
Launching uppercut followed by heavy punches.
Around the World (Marduk)
Marduk spins his opponent around then bounces them high into the air off the floor.
Attacking (Nemu Kurotsuchi)
Spinning low kick rush combo, ending with a pop-up hand sweep.
Baku Hadoken (Ryu)
Ryu tosses an invisible explosive projectile.
Blinding Blast (Jada)
Jada summons lightning down around her.
Bombs Away (The Joker)
Joker drops a smiley face bomb and cowers away. If the bomb explodes in the opponent's vicinity, they are damaged and popped up.
Bravo! Encore! (Dampierre)
Juggling hopping kicks.
Burning Rush (Might Guy)
Soul Rush with fire punches.
Cat Claws (Catwoman)
Three-hit claw auto-combo ending in a launch.
Catapult Kick Low (Marshall Law)

Combination Storm (Jada)
Lightspeed Strikes followed by a launching kick.
Commando Unit Leader (Student Naruto)
Naruto summons a duplicate that attacks with a Shoryuken, then flings Naruto, who turns into a giant shuriken and launches the opponent on impact.
Criminal Upper (Cody Travers)
Multi-hitting whirlwind uppercut.
Crown Under Sky (Angel)
Big launching uppercut.
Dance of the Lion (Jiraiya)
Double upward hair swing, launches on second hit.
Dead Soul Jutsu (Kabuto Yakushi)
Kabuto summons a zombie ANBU member, which lurches forward for a sword uppercut, then falls and disappears back into the ground.
Demon Uppercut (Heihachi Mishima)

Down Slash (Skarlet)
Downward slash with tanto.
Earth Shaker (Jugo)
Jugo strikes the ground on either side of him, knocking the foe into the air.
Existing Sentiment (Hiruko)
Ruffian without the need for counter.
Fighting Spirit Attack (Might Guy)
Guy stomps the ground, launching the foe high into the air if they are close enough. By holding @term=atkbtn@, Guy will teleport up near the opponent at the end of their upward trajectory and spike them to the ground.
Flash Sweep (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi sweeps low with a kunai strike, then teleports and erupts from the ground beneath the foe, leaping with an uppercut.
Flying Bat (Batgirl)
Forward-leaping uppercut.
Gou Retsu Shou / 剛裂衝 (Grant)
An overhead blow followed by a launch that can be followed up by specials or supers.
Grizzly Fling (Kuma (II))
Hurls the opponent into the air.
Ground Smash (Drahmin)
Drahmin strikes the ground with his club, popping up the opponent if they are on the ground.
Hado Shoryuken (Ryu)
Higher-launching Shoryuken with Hado energy around the fist.
Hammer Cut (Shao Kahn)
Uppercut with the Wrath Hammer
Heavy-Go-Round (Jugo)
Grab by the gut and slam on the other side, then uppercut into the air.
Hoodlum Launcher (Haggar)
Tosses the enemy up in the air.
Hot Blast (Shang Tsung)
Tsung rises from his teleport with an uppercut.
Huh? (Tobi)
Tobi rushes at the opponent with kunai slashes, then attempts a kick and falls flat on his back as a bomb rolls out from beneath his cloak. It explodes and launches any character in the vicinity (including Tobi) sky-high.
Ice Bomb (Cyber Sub-Zero)
Sub-Zero fires a frozen bomb from his chest. Upon explosion, it pops up, freezes, and damages.
Ice Dragon (Cyber Sub-Zero)
Spinning low kick followed by a non-spinning Shoryuken.
Incursion of Clarity (Kabuto Yakushi)

Into Sky (May Lee)
Chain ender; a launching kick.
Kanchou / Kancho (Cerebella)
Cerebella moves behind her opponent. Vice-Versa, with hands clasped, performs a anal jab with the index fingers that sends the hapless victim flying.
Knee Lift (Marshall Law)

Lasso Spin (Wonder Woman)
Turning upward lasso lash that launchers.
Launching Success (Baraka)
Baraka stabs his opponent with his blade then pops the blades back in and knocks them into the air with a backhand.
Lift Off (Sonya Blade)

Lightning Bolts (Cole MacGrath)
Cole flings bolts of electricity. If Cole gets five hits in a row (either by holding the button or mashing), he gains a large amount of Super Meter and the opponent is launched slightly upward.
Lightning Bomb (Black Adam)
Adam lobs a ball of lightning with an overhand arc that detonates after a few seconds. Using directionals as it is thrown will change the trajectory of the ball.
Lightning Cage (Black Adam)
Adam strikes the ground and draws lightning up, juggling the foe if they're near.
Lightning Uppercut (Heinz Streit)
Uppercuts the opponent.
Mallet Bomb (Harley Quinn)
Harley swings her hammer around and flings it. If the opponent is hit by the swing and/or throw, she runs toward them, feigning a rushing punch, but instead, slides under them with a cake-shaped bomb.
Maximum Spider (Spider-Man (Super Armor))
Spidey leaps to the wall and bounces off to deliver an auto-combo which takes the foe to the sky.
Maximum Spider (Spider-Man)
Spidey leaps to the wall and bounces off to deliver an auto-combo which takes the foe to the sky. In the MvC3 games, he attaches webs to the enemy with each hit, sending them crashing to the ground at the end with a stomp.
Mujin Kyaku (Karin Kanzuki)
A launching can-can type kick.
Nacht Rosen / Night Rose (Valkenhayn R. Hellsing)
Forward dash and elbow uppercut
Nail And Impale (Baraka)
Hopping kick attack followed by popping out the blades and double blade uppercut.
Ninja Hound Summoning (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi summons his Ninja Hound, which attacks the opponent with a launching upward strike, followed by a leaping upward strike from the other side.
Oh! (Tobi)
Tobi rushes the foe with an exploding scroll in his hand and flails at them, then falls down. The scroll goes off and flings any character in the vicinity (including Tobi) into the air.
Power Fist (Cyborg)
Uppercut with a large arm for increased range.
Psycho Shocker (M. Bison)
Electrifying version of the Psycho Crusher, also launches the foe.
Pummeling (Nemu Kurotsuchi)
Speedy many-hit (up to 11) spinning punch rush combo, with uppercut ender.
Quad Toss (Sheeva)
Sheeva sweeps the opponent with her hand, then tosses them into the air.
Rising Fist (Sindel)
Rising Flash (Heavyweight)
Crouch to quick-standing uppercut.
Rising Flower / Uppercut (Liu Kang)
Standard issue uppercut while rising from a crouch.
Rising Heel (Kai)
Ducking high kick, pops up.
Rising Pole (Jade)
Shoryuken with a staff.
Rising Pole (Jade)
Shoryuken with a staff.
Rising Star / Heel Slide (Quan Chi)
Quan Chi slides forward and popping up the opponent with a kick.
Rising Sun (Android 17)
Android 17 does a flip kick that knocks an opponent in the air.
Rising Sun (Android 18)
Android 18 performs a flip kick that launches foes in the air.
Rising Thunder Kick (Minato Namikaze)
Combo that takes the fight to the air.
Rolling Hatred (Daegon)
Daegon rolls along the ground and pops up with a flaming uppercut.
Rolling Thunder (The Flash)
Approaching low punch followed by an uppercut.
Ruffian (Hiruko)
Hiruko blocks an attack with his tail, then retaliates with a pop-up tail strike.
Shadow Uppercut (Balrog)
Shadow-trail standing uppercut
Sharp Hammer (Kakashi Hatake)

Shield Uppercut (Taskmaster)
Taskmaster uppercuts the foe with his shield, à la Captain America's "Stars & Stripes".
Shining Blade Flash (Minato Namikaze)

Shooting Flash (Minato Namikaze)

Shoryuken (Deadpool)
A parody of Ryu's infamous anti-air.
Shoryuken (Toro)
Toro's version of the popular rising dragon fist. EX version is a mini-Shin Shoryuken.
Skull Bash (Sareena)
Sareena slides forward with a shadow trail behind her, to deliver an overhead energy punch.
Slashing Frenzy (Wolverine)
A series of slashes with his claws, ending in an upwards slash launcher.
Slide Launch (Shang Tsung)
Tsung trips up the opponent with a sliding kick, then kicks them upward.
Somersault Kick (Su Qingtao)
Stands up and does a backflip kick.
Soul Rush (Might Guy)
Standard combo until the 4th hit, in which it becomes a mashable rapid punch. Maxes out at 34 hits, in which the final blow launches, but can be canceled to extend combo length.
Spin Cycle (Ashrah)
Ashrah spins around, launching the enemy if she is touched.
Spiral Palm (Jiraiya)
Standard three-hit combo plus a mini-Rasengan finish.
Super Uppercut (The Flash)
Flash dashes back, then forward, popping up the foe with an uppercut.
Surprise Bomb (The Joker)
Joker slides out of the green cloud with a smiley face bomb in his hands; detonation hits mid with pop-up.
Teleport Uppercut (The Flash)
Flash runs offscreen and appears on the other side to strike with an uppercut.
Tesla Storm (Ryken)
Cybernetic electric anti-air punch.
Tetsuzankou (Yun)
A launching shoulder check.
Thunder of the Dead (Sasuke Uchiha (Shippuden))
A giant snake coils around Orochimaru and Sasuke and is covered with electricity.
Triforce Slash (Link)
Two Triforces appear directly in front of Link, trapping any foes in between them. Link dashes back and forth slashing them, ending with a launching slash.
Triple Break (Allen Snyder)
A rising three hit kick.
Triple Flash (Minato Namikaze)

Twin Pistons (Heihachi Mishima)

Twister Shot (Jugo)
Juggling outward arm thrust.
Up Slash (Skarlet)
Upward slash with tanto.
Uprise (Kitana)
Shoryuken with a fan.
Wood Pillar Sky Kick (Yamato)
Punch/kick combo ending with a sailing upward diagonal kick off of a wooden beam vault.
Yellow Flash of the Leaf (Minato Namikaze)
Minato chucks a handful of kunai around the arena, and instantly appears at the closest one, leaping upward to strike the opponent with it. He does this until he has collected all of then kunai.
Yo Ro Shi Ku (Student Naruto)
Duplicate-spawning combo with launching end.
Youhou (Yun)

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