Setsuna Movelist

Grab an airborne foe and slam with dark energy.

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Special Moves
Last Blade 2, The +
Similar Moves
Aerial Russian Slam (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief leaps into the air, and if he connects with the enemy, tosses them to the ground.
Aerial Russian Slam (Zangief)
Zangief rises up, intercepting his opponent and slamming them to the floor.
Aerial Russian Slam (Zangief)
Zangief leaps into the air, and if he connects with the enemy, tosses them to the ground.
Air Crash (Sarorkov)
Sarorkov snatches his opponent out of the air and performs a backbreaker.
Air Gotcha Grab (Jax)
Jax reaches up and snatches the opponent out of the air, flipping them on the ground on the other side of him.
Air Snatch (Doomsday)
Doomsday grabs the foe out of the air and smashes them against his back.
American Super Nova (Brian Battler)
Brian leaps to catch an airborne opponent, subjecting them to a series of holds and bombs.
Anti-Air Grab / Shokan Snag (Sheeva)
Sheeva reaches up and snatches her opponent out of the air, tossing them to the ground and stomping on them.
Capchude (Sheen)
Sheen catches a jumping opponent and performs a capture suplex.
Ceiling Slam Grabber / つかむぞ~組み天井 (Gaira Caffeine)
Gaira snatches his foe from the air and slams them.
Excellebella (Cerebella)
Airborne opponents are grabbed by legs and slapped silly.
Falling Sky (Abel)
Abel snatches an opponent out of the air and slams them.
Funny Face Crusher (Frank West)
Frank leaps skyward to place a Servbot head on his foe. He then Giant Swings them and tosses them, and as they're trying to get up, runs to them and plants their face into the ground, shattering the Servbot head.
Gripple Grapple (Sackboy)
Sackboy fires a grappling gun upward, grabbing anything in its path - whether a platform or a foe, and rockets up to meet it, damaging foes in the line of fire.
Jyakoha (Gen)
Gen jumps up into the air, carries his foe down with him and stomps on them soundly.
Kaiser Claw (Krauser)
Catch and throw an airborne opponent.
Lantern's Might (Green Lantern)
Green Lantern catches his foe with the glow of his ring and slams them on the other side of him. Works against standing as well as jumping opponents.
Lightning Hook (Cole MacGrath)
Cole fires a beam of electricity diagonally upward; hitting an opponent with the move grabs them with the beam and slams them to the ground.
Napalm Stretch (Clark Steel)
Clark leaps up at a high angle in a cool pose. He locks up with the opponent and spins to the ground, slamming them. This move is in reference to Kinnikuman Soldier's technique of the same name.
Ring Slam (Bane)
Bane snatches the opponent out of the air and suplexes them.
Rising Grab (Superman)
Superman leaps upward at an angle and grabs the foe if he comes in contact with them, be they on the ground or in the air, and slams them behind them.
Six Hand Grapple (Spiral)
Spiral reaches up to intercept airborne opponents. Upon grabbing them, she performs her Spiral Buster throw.
Sky Grapple (Batman)
Batman fires his grappling hook up at an angle, and then slams the foe to the ground if he catches them with it.
Soul Throw (Rose)
Rose jumps up at the opponent and tosses them down to the floor.
Spin Cycle (Lobo)
Lobo snatches the foe out of the air and swings them around before tossing them.
To The Grave (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy snatches the opponent from the sky and tosses them to the ground.

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