Setsuna Movelist

A heavy overhead slash.

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Special Moves
Last Blade 2, The +/
Similar Moves
Amp Combo (Cole MacGrath)
Cole beats the opponent with his amp; can be followed up with two more hits.
Arm Thunder (Cyclopsis)
Fires off a hand-shaped shocking projectile
Baden-Baden Lily (Rachel Alucard)
Rachel rises in the air, conjuring lighting around her and sets off lightning rods that have been planted.
Bakurai Ho / 爆雷砲, Exploding Thunder Blast (Cheng Shinzan)

Black Magic (Black Adam)
Adam summons a cloud in the opponent's position, and two more cloud appear above them to strike with lightning.
Captain Collider / Captain Corridor (Captain Commando)
Cap strikes the ground and a huge column of lightning extends to the roof of the stage.
Cattle Prod (Blade)
Blade reaches out with a cattle prod in an effort to zap the opposition.
Dark Thunder (Blackheart)
Blackheart emits lightning in a button chosen direction.
Death Voltage (Lord Raptor)
Raptor whirls at his foe, bathed in electricity.
Denjin Hadoken (Gouken)
Gouken charges up a Hadoken which hits his opponent multiple times. The move can stun the opponent if it's charged for a longer period of time.
Denkoudan / 電光弾 (Akatsuki)
Akatsuki fires an electric orb at his opponent.
Don't Tase Me Bro! (Stryker)
Stryker shocks the opponent to death with a taser.
Electric Pile Driver (Chrome Dome)
Chrome Dome grabs his opponent, turns them upside down whilst leaping, and slams his or her head into the ground, electrocuting the foe.
Electric Thunder (Blanka)
Blanka hunkers down and emits a shock of electricity.
Evil Scream (Lord Raptor)
Raptor thrust his bone into the enemy, and brings them to him for an electric swipe.
Exorcist Charm Slice / 式神霊符・雷 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm that turns into a bird projectile.
Exploding Thunderblast / 黒子八極弾 爆雷砲 (Kuroko)
Kuroko throws a ball of electricity (I have no idea what this is meant to be a reference to).
George XIII (Rachel Alucard)
Rachel summons a frog that will follow the opponent and attack with an electric jolt.
Gorai Hadouken (Oni)
Oni briefly charges up, then flings an electrocuting Hadouken.
Gotcha! (Kanji Tatsumi)
Kanji sends Take-Mikazuchi leaping in the air to catch an airborne opponent. If caught, Take-Mikazuchi will electrocute the opponent, and crush him/her with a body press.
Gravity Mine (Lex Luthor)
Lex tosses a mine on the ground, which zaps any foe that steps on it. Holding @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ as the move comes out will change where the mine lands.
Herculean Might (Shazam)
A short dash to a grab attempt, which if successful, is a jumping DDT with a lightning bolt from the sky hitting the opponent at the end.
Higi Kaminari Otoshi / 秘技雷落とし (Sokaku)
Advancing lightning bolts summoned by staff striking the earth.
Ionic Vortex (Cole MacGrath)
Cole sends his foe spinning and shocking through the air with a giant electric tornado.
Killer Illumination (M.O.D.O.K.)
M.O.D.O.K grabs his opponent with mechanical arms and electrocutes him/her.
Lightning Attack (Storm)

Lightning Cannonball (Blanka)
Ground Shave Roll + Electricity
Lightning Plasma (Megazord)
Megazord's sword is struck by lightning, then it flings a sonic wave at the foe. Both the lightning strike and the wave can damage/shock.
Lightning Rain (Cyclopsis)
Cyclopsis levitates high into the air and fires lightning bolts around the arena.
Lightning Style: False Darkness (Kakuzu)
Lighting blasts across the screen.
Lightning Sword (Anita)
A short-ranged barrage of electric swords while Mei-Ling appears. Mashing buttons does additional hits.
Lightning Sword (Donovan Baine)
A summoned spirit bursts electricity before Donovan.
Mech Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (Cyber Akuma)
Hurricane kick with electricity.
Mega Beam (Megazord)
Diagonal upward electric blast.
Plasma Barrier (Shadow Lady)
Shadow Lady poses and is surrounded by electricity. Mashing increases duration.
Plasma Blade (Galford D. Weller)
Galford fires a burst of electric energy at his foe.
Psycho Shocker (M. Bison)
Electrifying version of the Psycho Crusher, also launches the foe.
Put It There Pal (The Joker)
Joker sticks out his hand, which has a joybuzzer on the palm. If the opponent strikes Joker in this pose, they are electrocuted.
Raijingu / 雷神愚 (Sokaku)
Massive upwards strike with staff, followed by lightning strike.
Shining Thunder Blow (May Lee)
Fast knuckle dash.
Shock Grenade (Cole MacGrath)
Cole tosses a bouncing spark that detonates on impact with an opponent, or after a short time. EX version tosses two.
Shock Wave (Cole MacGrath)
Electric shield; nullifies projectiles and damages upon physical contact.
Shout of Earth (Blanka)
Blanka slams the ground twice with his electrically-charged hands, discharging electricity all over the floor. The anti-air version has him raise his hands and act like a lightning rod as lightning hits him and his opponent, damaging the latter.
Sliding Combo (Cole MacGrath)
Ends his slide with a swing of the amp.
Spark Thunder (Brocken)

Storm Thunder / Long Spark Thunder (Brocken)
Spark Thunder with extended arm. Only the hand's electricity hits, will whiff if too close.
Stun Gun (Stryker)
Stryker whips out a taser and zaps the opponent with it.
Sword Iris (Rachel Alucard)
Rachel sets off all lightning rods, electricfying anyone in proximity of the rods.
Tentacle Catastrophe (Yami)
Yami swipes at his foe with a tentacle and electrocutes them.
This'll Hurt! (Kanji Tatsumi)
Kanji flings his opponent against the wall. Take-Mikazuchi appears from above, lands on the opponent, and delivers a jolt of electricity.
Thor Hammer (Erick)

Thunder Ball (Rasputin)
Differs from the fireball with slight windup lag in front, compensated by faster projectile.
Thunder Beam (Megaman)
Fires three shocking bolts: one straight up, one straight forward, and one straight down.
Thunder Break (Victor von Gerdenheim)
Victor knuckle bombs the floor sending out waves of electricity.
Thunder Dragon (Evil Green Ranger)
Electric beam from the Dragon Dagger.
Thunder Dragon (Green Ranger)
Electric beam from the Dragon Dagger.
Thunder Gou Shower (Cyber Akuma)
Akuma rains down on his foe with many giant Hadouken, which also shock the crap out of the enemy.

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