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Krillin makes a face at his opponent. Once his enemy tries to strike at him, Krillin body is replaced with a decoy and strikes him/her from behind.

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Special Moves
[Skill Tree] Super DragonBall Z +
Similar Moves
4th-Wall Crisis (Deadpool)
Deadpool does a sexy pose and walks toward his opponent. If the opponent attacks Deadpool while he's in this state, he jumps up and grabs his health and hyper combo bars, then repeatedly smacks them with both bars, the last hit sending them flying.
Acquisitive Prescription (Valentine)
Valentine, a counter that does no damage on its own, but stuns momentarily
Aegis Counter (Taskmaster)
Taskmaster puts up his shield and hides behind it. If the opponent hits his shield, he proceeds into a sword auto-combo that ends with a dashing slash to behind them, a backward stab, and a backward gunshot.
Afterimage Attack / 残像踏み込み斬り (Ukyo Tachibana)
Ukyo dashes forward leaving afterimages, cutting opponent on contact.
Atemi Nage (Krauser)
Grabs any ground attack that can be blocked high.
Atemi Nage / 当て身投げ (Geese Howard)
Geese's multi-directional counter.
Ball Buster (Johnny Cage)
Three punches to the groin, followed by a leaping elbow drop to the spine.
Barrier / Energy Barrier, Android Barrier (Cell)
Cell releases a protective barrier to knock away his foe
Blazing Intercept (May Lee)
A counter that can be used normally or to end May Lee's special chain.
Blocking (Videl)
Videl blocks an incoming attack and retaliates with an uppercut.
Blue Monday Parade (Angel)
Angel counters an air attack with a reverse slam.
Bracelets of Submission (Wonder Woman)
A high parry that temporarily increases Wonder Woman's damage output.
Cape Parry (Batman)
Batman covers himself with his cape. If struck by most high or overhead attacks, he responds with a few punches followed by a takedown and ankle-wrenching.
Chou Onihudou Nagashi (Silber)
counters all physical attacks of any level
Cockaigne, the Land of Plenty (Dampierre)
Dampierre blocks the opponent's strike, then slips between their legs, striking them in the butt.
Counter Break (Majin Vegeta)
Majin Vegeta blocks an incoming strike and retaliates with an uppercut.
Counter Break (Vegeta)
Vegeta blocks an attack and counters with an uppercut
Countervenom (Valentine)
Valentine counters an incoming attack with an injection from a poison-filled syringe.
CQC / Cammy Quick Combination (Cammy White)
Counter move. Upon hit, Cammy performs a neck-break leg grab, sweeps her opponent to do an arm-break grab on the floor, and ends the counter with a simultaneous neck- and arm-break grab.
EWJ Punch (Earthworm Jim)
A Shoryuken-like special where Jim perform a punch to the air. Also it works as Combo Breaker
Exploding Dance Drubbing / 黒子爆舞腕 (Kuroko)
Upon being slashed, Kuroko splits in two. After a moment his torso explodes and his real torso sprouts from his legs.
Exploding Dance Kickfest / 黒子爆舞脚 (Kuroko)
Upon being slashed, Kuroko splits in two. After a moment his legs explode and his torso sprouts new legs.
Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane (Billy Kane)
High counter.
Frostbite (Killer Frost)
Freezing counter against high attacks.
Gekirinken (Fei Long)
Fei Long kicks the back of his opponent's leg, delivers a flurry of punches, and finishes the Ultra with a powerful punch similar to Bruce Lee's infamous One-Inch Punch.
General Parry (Zod)
Zod parries overhead and high attacks with a bone-breaking series of joint locks.
Golden Fleece (Kratos)
Kratos dons the legendary golden fleece, and if struck whilst wearing it, counters with a powerful blade slice.
Guard Master (Taskmaster)
Taskmaster puts his shield up and hides behind it. If the opponent strikes his shield, he sticks them with his sword and shoots them with a pistol.
Head Replica Attack (Galford D. Weller)
When hit, Galford's body is replaced by a log while he drops down from above to stab.
Ice Parry (Cyber Sub-Zero)
Sub-Zero gets into a defensive position and freezes himself; if the opponent strikes him whilst he is frozen, the foe themselves will be frozen, and Sub-Zero will strike with his Kori Blade.
Icy Counter (Sub-Zero (II))
Sub-Zero gets into a defensive position and freezes himself; if the opponent touches him in this state, they are frozen.
Joker's Wild (The Joker)
Joker's Wild is a parry that counteracts a basic attack by stabbing the opponent in the chest with a knife, followed by kicking them off of the knife. Each time the parry is successful, Joker gets a "Ha!", up to three total. Each Ha! increases his movement speed and jumping range slightly.
Killing Bringer (Heidern)
Heidern strikes a pose and if struck launches the opponent into the air and impales them on his arm, sucking their life.
Kokuujin Ougi: Akumetsu / Judgement: Perish Evil (Hakumen)
Can counter any move exception projectile
Kokuujin: Yukikaze / Judgement: Snowstorm (Hakumen)
Counter Super
Kokuujin: Yukikaze / Judgment: Snowstorm (Jin Kisaragi)
Jin blocks and counters with a freezing slash. Ice shatters after he sheaths his sword.
Mind's Eye Sabre / Yagyu Shingatoh, 柳生 心眼刀 (Jubei Yagyu)
Jubei's counter techniques. The variations are referred to individually as Reflecting Mind's Eye Sabre, Mind's Eye Sabre of Mutual Destruction, and Raging Heaven's Mind's Eye Sabre.
Muchimi (Rin Oyama)
(Basic Stance) Rin will assume a guard stance. If attacked, she will perform a counter attack - downward karate chop - at the enemy. (Changed Stance) Rin will move forward while covering her upper body and head with an arm. She autoguards attacks which are aimed at her head and torso. if she is close enough she hits the opponent for some damage and recovers quickly. However, if you push Punch button once more, she will perform the karate chop which knocks opponent away.
Ninja Teleportation / Utsusemi Chizan, 忍法うつせみ地斬 (Hanzo Hattori)
Hanzo's body is replaced with a decoy log as the real thing drops down from above for a stab.
Onihudou Nagashi (Silber)
counters mid and high attacks
Parry (Kano)
Kano moves his arms in a catching position. If he is physically struck in this pose, he spins his opponent behind him and leaves them dizzy.
Parry (Liu Kang)
Liu gets into a stance, and if he is hit, he teleports behind the opponent in a plume of flame and strikes them with a punch.
Phoenix Thrust (Krauser)
Counters aerial attacks.
Put It There Pal (The Joker)
Joker sticks out his hand, which has a joybuzzer on the palm. If the opponent strikes Joker in this pose, they are electrocuted.
Ruffian (Hiruko)
Hiruko blocks an attack with his tail, then retaliates with a pop-up tail strike.
Sadomaso / サドマゾ (Yamazaki)
Ryuji taunts his opponent, if struck mid or high he counters with an energy fist.
Shakunetsu Ryuhan / Burning Dragon Counter (Akuma)
Akuma grunts and strikes a pose. If he is struck by a basic attack in this pose, he strikes the foe with a flaming dragon punch.
Sharingan Counter (Kakashi Hatake)
Kakashi blocks his opponent's Super or Desperation and uses his Sharingan Eye to perform the same attack against them. This does not work with all moves.
Shield Strike (Wonder Woman)
A swipe with the shield that turns into a parry if she is struck high whilst doing the move. After the initial strike of the parry, additional hits can be added.
Shining Dragon / 龍閃撃 (Dragon)
Can be performed standing or crouching; a high or low counter attempt. Dragon guards the attack and retaliates with a kick.
Shiraha Catch (Sodom)
A counter that only works on overheads. Simply tosses countered opponent away.
Stone Defense (Jiro)
Jiro poses and flashes; if physically struck whilst doing this, he negates damage and strikes the enemy instead.
Swaying (Steve Fox)
Steve performs a "come on" motion with both hands. If most physical attacks are attempted while he does this, he'll simply sway out of the attack's reach and counter with a hook.
Wind's Fairground (Angel)
Counter against standing attacks. Repeated heavy punches with crowd appeal.
Yashagaeshi (Karin Kanzuki)
Catches and reverses a high (@term=anypunch@) or low (@term=anykick@) attack.

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