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Nirvana approaches and slams an opponent behind her.

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Special Moves
[Nirvana] BlazBlue +
[Nirvana] BlazBlue: Continuum Shift +
Similar Moves
4 Armed Grab (Kintaro)
Kintaro slides toward his opponent and grabs them, slamming them on the opposite side.
Baton Rush / Roll Toss (Stryker)
Stryker rushes at his foe and swings them through the air with his baton. In MK2011 he rolls at them.
Charging Throw (Tashi Ci)

Flash Freeze (Killer Frost)
Running freezing grab
Flying Power Bomb (Mecha Zangief)
Zangief advances toward the foe in an attempt to set up a power bomb.
Flying Power Bomb (Zangief)
Zangief takes a few steps forward trying to power bomb his opponent.
Galactic Destruction (Zod)
Zod races forward to grab the foe, then flies them up into space, smashing them through one side of the moon and out the other, before sending them back to Earth with a heat vision blast.
Herculean Might (Shazam)
A short dash to a grab attempt, which if successful, is a jumping DDT with a lightning bolt from the sky hitting the opponent at the end.
Infinity Hold (Android 18)
Android 18 charges towards her foe and slams him/her to the ground.
Kryptonian Crush (Superman)
Superman flies across the screen in an attempt to grab his enemy. If successful, he uppercuts them into orbit, flies up next to them, then knocks them back to earth with a hammer punch.
Kubi Kiri Nage / 首切り投げ (Ryoko)
Ryoko bows, then dashes forward for a grab attempt.
Machinegun Dog (Poppy)
Poppy runs forward and mauls the opponent, stunning them briefly.
Mercury Bear Hug (Shazam)
Captain Marvel rushes forward and lifts his opponent up in a bear hug from behind and summons a lightning bolt to strike them, then he tosses them.
Mortuary Drop (Valentine)
Valentine lunges forward in an attempt to nab her victim in a body bag. If successful, the bagged victim is tossed in the air, caught in mid-air, and sent crashing into the ground.
Nihon Seoi Dash / ダッシュ二本背負い (Jubei Yamada)
Jubei dashes forward with grab attempt.
Power Drain (Rogue)
Rogue rushes her enemy and kisses them. If she succeeds, she steals their power--in XvSF a special move, in MvC2 a temporary special property.
Ragnarok (Strider Hiryu)
A running throw into repeated teleport slashes.
Rolling Cradler (Clark Steel)
Clark dashes forward with a grab attempt, then rolls backwards across the ground with his opponent in tow. Relegated to a Mount Tackle followup after the invention of that move.
Running Neckbreaker Drop / Running Stun Drop (Cyclops)
Cyclops rushes at the opponent and delivers a flipping clothesline to the foe, dropping them hard on the ground.
Running Pirates (Clark Steel)
A variant of Running Three. Instead of slamming the opponent into the ground, Clark rams them into the left and right stage "walls."
Running Three (Clark Steel)
Clark poses with his arms in a V-shape, shouts "RUNNING THREEAGHH" and dashes forward. He lifts his opponent on his shoulders and performs a running powerbomb. In the SDM version, they are subjected to a series of three bombs.
Shining Gou Shock (Cyber Akuma)
A faster, full-screen Shun Goku Satsu.
Shining Wizard (Clark Steel)
Clark runs forward and uses the opponent's knee as a step in order to boot them in the head (only works on crouching opponents). A pro-wrestling move created by Keiji Mutoh in 2001.
Shun Goku Satsu (Sunburned Sakura)
The little schoolgirl that could tries her hand at dragging her enemy to hell.
Shun Goku Satsu / Raging Demon, 瞬獄殺 (Ryu)
Akuma's trademark super.
Sinister Heels (The Joker)
Joker slides forward and grabs the opponent by the collar, then strikes them three times with his heel.
Slash Drop (Videl)
Videl charges toward her opponent and slams him/her to the ground.
Staff Buster (Jade)
Jade runs past her foe and shoves them, then pulls out her staff and hits them between the legs, and then in the spine.
S-TOL / Short Take Off and Landing (Alfred)
Alfred dashes in low for a grab.
Super Arabian Burglary Backbreaker (Clark Steel)
Clark dashes forward with a grab attempt. He then turns around and dumps the opponent back-first onto his knee.
The Power of Nth (Hawkgirl)
Hawkgirl flies toward the opponent and grabs them, carrying them high into the sky. She drops them and flies offscreen, coming back to rush them with her mace, then sends them back to Earth with another mace strike.
Walking Corpse (Solomon Grundy)
Grundy approaches for a grab, then delivers a hard headbutt.
Zod Charge (Zod)
Zod flies across the screen to grab the opponent, then slams them to the ground.

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