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Aegir and Hevring are sea giants in Norse mythology.

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Special Moves
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Similar Moves
Atifu (Rin Oyama)
(Basic Stance) Rin throws a purple flame bolt at her opponent. (Changed Stance) Rin launches a big purple fireball at close range, which will hit multiple times.
Chi Kiba / Earth Fang, 地牙 (Chan)
Low projectile.
Chrome Spark (Chrome Dome)
Chrome Dome punches the ground and sends a spark across the screen.
Comet chasing after the moon / Shooting Star (Guan Yu)
A skill which consists in containing the attack of the enemy. When Guan Yu concentrates his energy on his "Dragon and Moon Sabre", this will become a fast fatal feat. It will be even more powerful when used together with the "Sweeping Tail of Dragon".
Dali=Dali (Dali=Dali)

Double Shot (Omnimon)
Omnimon punches the ground with the MetalGarurumon head, creating a wave of ice across the ground, followed by the WarGreymon head, creating a wave of fire.
Final Cutter (Kirby)
Kirby leaps upward with a scimitar, then comes back down to strike the ground with it, creating a shockwave that moves in the direction he's facing.
Fire Shoot (Earthworm Jim)
Jim uses his signature weapon to throw a fireball. Changes velocity depends of the punch used.
Fire Style: Searing Migraine (Kakuzu)
Fire blast across the ground. Massive range.
Fires of Fecundity / 式神霊符・炎 (Nicotine Caffeine)
Nicotine throws a charm that turns into a dog-like projectile.
First Head Soen (Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto)
Yamamoto swipes his sword and sends a trail of fire across the floor.
Freddy Fingers (Freddy Krueger)
Freddy sends a giant razor-clawed hand scrambling across the ground.
Gekirin / 撃麟 (Shuko)
Super version of Genbu.
Genbu / 玄武 (Shuko)
Low projectile. Shuko's arm can hit the opponent as well.
Geyser Thrust / Suigetsu Toh, 喝咄 水月刀 (Jubei Yagyu)
Jubei sends a wave of energy at his foe.
Gravity Wave (Altia)
Ground projectile.
Ground Blast (Zod)
Zod aims his heat vision on a spot on the ground. Charging the move increases its duration and strength, as well as produces an explosion that launches when charged to maximum. The trajectory of the move can be modified by tapping @term=backward@ or @term=forward@ before the move comes out.
Ground Blaster / グランドブラスター (Mr. Big)
Big strikes his sticks on the ground, kicking up a wave.
Ground Claw (Donatello)
Donatello swipes forward with his bo and creates a ground-traveling projectile.
Ground Hat / Low Grinder (Kung Lao)
Lao tosses his hat downward and it rolls along the ground.
Ground Spark (Nightwing)
Nightwing clashes his escrima sticks together and fires a spark along the ground.
Ground Swell (Leonardo)
Leonardo flips his katana to face point-down and stabs the ground with them. A spark of energy emits from them, traveling across the screen.
Head Roll (Meat)
Meat tears off his own head and rolls it along the ground toward the opponent.
Heat Vision (Superman)
Superman fires an eyebeam that sweeps the arena floor.
Hurricane (Michelangelo)
Michelangelo spins around and conjures up a small whirlwind from his fist.
Kokuujin: Shippu / Judgment: Squall (Hakumen)
Hakumen sends a shockwave across the screen. This attack becomes unblockable when fully charged.
Lightning Crusher (Cyber Shredder)
Cyber Shredder reaches a hand toward the skies and is struck by lightning. While electricity surrounds him, a small bolt also is fired along the ground in the direction of the opponent.
Lightning Slash / Lightning Flash (Keith Wayne)
An arc of electricity shoots across the floor.
Optic Sweep (Cyclops)

Pirate Ship (Captain Kidd)

Power Wave / パワーウェイブ (Terry Bogard)
Terry punches the ground, sending a wave of energy at his foe.
Reppu Ken / 烈風拳, Strong Wind Slash, Wind Slice (Geese Howard)
Traditionally the weak version produces a single Reppu Ken; in the hard version Geese combines two for a larger Double Reppu Ken.
Rolling Laughing Gas (The Joker)
The Joker kicks a canister of gas across the ground.
Sickle Storm (ν-13)
Nu sends spinning scythe along the ground. Tapping C before scythe comes out reverses direction and starting location of scythe. Attack hits low.
Spike Chaser (ν-13)
V-13 sends waves of swords traveling along the ground. Tapping C button will charge the attack, giving it extra range.
Vacuum Wave (Donatello)
Donatello strikes the air with his bo, creating a wave of energy.

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