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Samurai Shodown Saga
Samurai Showdown 4
Samurai Showdown 4
(During 1789)
The year, 1789.

As frost, floods, fires, and famine play havoc with the world, a sinister castle appears in the land of Shimabara. The lord of that castle-Shiro Tokisada Amakusa.

Having previously been resurrected from the realm of the dead, Amakusa was supposed to have been slain in the midst of his evil designs, but now he returns to subjugate the world of the living.

Having already engulfed the Shimabara peninsula, this castle of evil grows larger day by day.
People soon call it "Amakusa Castle" and in their terror begin to revere it, hoping this will save them.

But little did they know that this act of desperation would only summon further misfortune.…

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