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Mortal Kombat Saga
Return of the Dragon King

Return of the Dragon King
"It was not by chance that this struggle came to be. The blame falls squarely upon my shoulders for giving evil the chance it needed, and therefore fulfilling an ancient prophecy.

Raiden's Earthrealm champions had failed to stop the Deadly Alliance from fully resurrecting the mummified army of The Dragon King. In the end, only Raiden himself stood between Earthrealm and total destruction.

Defying the Elder God's wishes, he alone challenged Quan Chi and Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat, Earthrealm's last hope for freedom.

Raiden fought well against the two sorcerors, and it seemed as though victory was at hand, but the combined might of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung proved to be overwhelming, even for a thunder god. Raiden was defeated. The Deadly Alliance had won.

Their victory was short lived. As suspicion and lust for power overcame both Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, the former allies turned on each other. The Deadly Alliance was no more.

Quan Chi defeated Shang Tsung, and reveled in his conquest. But it is said that there is only one true ruler of Outworld... and that ruler had returned; Onaga, former emperor of Outworld, The Dragon King.

The prophecy had been fulfilled, the Dragon King had indeed returned to Outworld to reclaim his army and impose his dominance. Death awaited all who stood in his way.

And so it was that a new alliance was formed out of desperation; sworn enemies join forces to combat a greater threat. Raiden began to realize that even their combined might was not enough to defeat The Dragon King. There was only one chance left.

Raiden's sacrifice was in vain, for the blast had little effect on The Dragon King. Now Onaga has what he needs to shape the realms as he sees fit.

I was the fool who brought him this power, only I can destroy this threat... born of deception."


Noob Saibot was once known as Sub-Zero
Noob / Smoke's Mortal Kombat Deception ending reveals he is the reincarnation of the elder Sub Zero.

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