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Street Fighter Saga
The Tournament Begins Anew
The Tournament Begins Anew
Just as the excitement of the previous, now legendary tournament finally fades, word of a new world fighting tournament spreads like wildfire among martial artists across the globe, trailing a series of bizarre rumors along behind.

The mysterious disappearances of numerous famous fighters. A terrible threat in the form of a new, deadly secret weapon. The possible connection between S.I.N., the sponsor of the new tournament, and the supposedly destroyed Shadaloo.

New fighters also step up and make themselves known, almost as though responding to these troubling rumors.

A young man who searches for his lost past. A female agent with the potential to be an executive member of S.I.N. A man who burns with the desire to defeat his greatest rival. A Luchador who seeks the ultimate recipe.

Before these newcomers stand those from the previous tournament, each bringing their own renewed determination.

Some fight for those dear to them. Some fight to finally take their revenge. And some fight simply so that the entire world will chant their name.

A complex clash of human relationships and the truth of a terrible plot that lurks behind the championship.

This is the chaos that Ryu, who has been honing his skills with the simple goal of becoming the ultimate fighter, one beyond the constraints of mere mortality, now finds himself thrown into...

Amid pursuit and escape, friendship and betrayal, the curtain rises on a new stage of battle!

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