X-Men vs Street Fighter Storyline


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Marvel vs Capcom Saga
X-Men vs Street Fighter
X-men vs Street Fighter Endings
X-Men vs Street Fighter
There have been several recent disappearances among Mutants and Street Fighters. Unconfirmed rumors surround these incidents, each claiming to know what's going on. Some sources blame the disappearances on Shadowloo, an underground militant group lead by the insane General Bison. Other sources believe that it is a plan by Magneto (the so-called master of Magnetism), to eliminate all those who oppose his goal of destroying all non-mutants. In order to investigate the truth in these matters, Mutant and Street Fighter teams have formed. Even though they are all working towards the same goal, dissension in the ranks continues to be a problem and several fights have broken out. After all this fighting, what will be left of the world? The outcome is in your hands...
X-men vs Street Fighter Endings

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