King of Fighters 2006, The Storyline

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King of Fighters III Saga
The previous THE KING OF FIGHTERS, held in Southtown-

Many contended that this illegal fighting tournament was held by the gangland syndicate "Mephistopheles" to achieve the annihilation of their rivals and procure some operating capital.

But after its "King," Duke, suffered defeat at the hands of Alba Meira in the finals, he and his organization vanished from Southtown. Meanwhile, the media, firmly under Duke's thumb, grew a new backbone and released a fusillade of sensational exposés - based on information from confidential sources (naturally) - regarding their former opressors.

In spite of this new torrent of "information," however, almost no one knew that an even larger entity had been pulling Mephistopheles' puppet strings.


The truth behind this name was only known throughout the dark recesses of the underworld.

And Mephistopheles, the force that swept over and completely subdued Southtown with such overwhelming force? Just one of Addes' subsidiaries, one of its countless tentactles.

When and who created it? Where was its headquarters? How far was its reach?-

No one really had an inkling as to what this organization truly entailed.

And now...

Still yet another of Addes' long black tentacles has sliced down the veil with its sinister scythes of the grim reaper to reveal a new battle royale.

The invitations in white envelopes will soon reach the world's mightiest, who will surely find the call of the reaper irresistible.

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