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This body is Master's battle regalia. When we succeed, it will be sacrificed in compensation. To have it defaced like this...

I can't go back to Master, losing like this... Face me again..!

If it ends here... my mission is lost. How many tears would my originator, my mother shed? Please, give me power just one more time!

Win Quote
If you meet an ogre, slay it. If you meet a buddha, slay it. Do you understand now? This is the true fate of Muramasa.

The counterbalance of good and evil is the absolute ideal of the Muramasa. I have killed enemy and ally, for hatred and for love.

Win Quote vs Al Azif
This grimoire has taken human form, too. I believe a book has a fragment of the soul of the writer. Just like my forging technique...

Win Quote vs Anna
I'm sorry, I hope you're not broken. By the way... you're a doll that can fix other dolls, right? I'm a blacksmith that became armor...

Win Quote vs Ein
Right and wrong do not matter. I kill who I was told to. Assassin, your existence is troublesome.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
...I'll let you get away this time. Just don't look at me with such eyes! Don't--don't touch me there!!

Win Quote vs Ignis
You gave yourself to become a blade for an ancient ideal, too... But that ideal is dead. It is time to destroy the blade, too.

Win Quote vs Mora
Inhuman! You who walks the night. Does the counterbalance of good and evil also apply to such mysterious creatures?

Win Quote vs Muramasa
I am the last of the Muramasa successors. I don't care how you obtained that brand, but you cannot become the true Muramasa.

Win Quote vs Ouka
What a dangerous girl... What's this list of "4 Girls to ANNIHILATE" and why is my name on here?

Win Quote vs Ruili
How long has she gazed into hell, to get such eyes? She terrifies me. Even in war, I've never seen such demon eyes.

Win Quote vs Saber
You believed in justice so desperately. I can see your wish for martyrdom in your eyes. This was an honest fight... you remind me of her...

Win Quote vs Saya
Are you a human or a demon? I suppose either way it doesn't matter, since I obey the law of the counterbalance of good and evil.