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Katsuki, where are you? Wherever you are, I'll come back to you alive...

Damn! In the name of the Three Charms, I can't die here!

So I'm going to die in this false world. That's not such a bad fate. But still, I hate to let a lie lead me to death...

Win Quote
You were a step away from victory. But you'll never be able to take that last step. Not as long as I'm here.

The hero dies once, while the coward dies many times. How many times do you want to die?

Win Quote vs Al Azif
The magical tome, "Necronomicon?" This ferocious soul is more terrifying than ancient magical power and forbidden knowledge.

Win Quote vs Anna
I'd like to show you to him. A mannequin that is loved when it has a free and untroubled heart.

Win Quote vs Ein
You are quite skilled at using any means to kill. Unfortunately, you just weren't good enough.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
It looks like you've come from far into the future, hunder of the dead. I'm relieved to see that the children of the future are doing well.

Win Quote vs Ignis
It looks like a wrinkle in space-time. If you are weaker than me today, you must be me from yesterday.

Win Quote vs Mora
A demon hunter? You are quite skilled. You have a strong spirit for such a weak body. I will recommend you for the next noblest blade.

Win Quote vs Muramasa
You've thrown away your humanity to follow your strict precepts. You're all the same.

Win Quote vs Ouka
Hmm. You're a special case, alright. I know quite a bit about the inhuman, but... just what are you?

Win Quote vs Ruili
The affection between siblings is touching. But your love is abnormal. Indeed, you are no longer human.

Win Quote vs Saber
The idea of a just king ruling over the people is appealing... but I believe that the ideal of the just is becoming terrifying...

Win Quote vs Saya
You are a weed. A mimicry of human form. Your imitation of a soul is lacking.