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Ouch! That hurt! I guess I'm going to be eaten. Actually, I wonder how I taste..?

Fuminori... Fuminori... That's strange. We were together for so long, and now I feel like we've been apart forever. Please, wait for me...

...I can't... die here... Fuminori... will be all... alone. No... no... I can't let that happen!

Win Quote
Let's wait a bit before eating. After it dissolves it'll be easier to eat. Just wait a little, Fuminori.

Do you want to be my friend, too? Anytime!

Win Quote vs Al Azif
Just like you, my daddy has lots of old books in his study. I wonder if those will take human forms too! I'll check next time!

Win Quote vs Anna
Hmm. You look human, but you're not edible. And you look so delicious, too...

Win Quote vs Ein
Why not become friends? I think it's way more fun than murder!

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
You can save human meat after it's dead by putting it in the fridge, but fresh meat is the best. You should write that down!

Win Quote vs Ignis
You're trying to separate me and Fuminori, aren't you? But that's impossible, because you're going to die. Thanks, but the world is ours now.

Win Quote vs Mora
So vampires exist. Haha! Saya's different. When I'm hungry, I don't just want the blood. I want the full course!

Win Quote vs Muramasa
This is the first time I've met meat turned into metal! I wonder how it'll taste. I bet it's tasty. Time to eat!

Win Quote vs Ouka
Ok, let's eat. Huh, do you have a problem? Hehehe... if you're attacking others, that means that you're prepared to die and be eaten, right?

Win Quote vs Ruili
I can understand your feelings towards your brother. I think we're very similar! Do you want to hear about my special person?

Win Quote vs Saber
Huh, Heroic Spirit? I guess that means you were a once great soldier? I wonder if you're in one of daddy's books?

Win Quote vs Saya
You're the same as me. But I want you to take a different form so that Fuminori isn't confused.