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Ahhhh! I was just being careless! Come on! Come at me with a weapon or whatever you have!

No way! The "Necronomicon," the most powerful grimoire can't fall! I've got to stand up again. I won't let this end here!

Sorry, Kurou... I think I am finished. Ah, but I still have some strength... Argh, is this really the end?

Win Quote
HAAHAHAHAAAA! You are no heroine!

My body is made up of demonic knowledge. The very knowledge I use to hunt demons. You cannot defeat me.

Win Quote vs Al Azif
This is a poor written copy. Shall I burn it, just in case? I'll tell you right now that I know nothing of strange plots or love charms.

Win Quote vs Anna
You are an alchemist's doll filled with Aqua Vitae? Then you are like the golems of Albertus Magnus and René Descartes.

Win Quote vs Ein
Even without magical power, a bullet can have a powerful destructive force. I've finished conducting my study.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
Oh, I see, so necromancy develops into a technology that reanimates the dead. That sounds more dangerous than magic.

Win Quote vs Ignis
In this war, it is the blade that slays the devil that wins. You, the noblest blade. In the end, our paths are not so different.

Win Quote vs Mora
May his path be full of madder and hawthorn briars... right? Pitiful creature, full of self-hatred. Sleep now, that you may find peace.

Win Quote vs Muramasa
To someone like me who has lived 1000 years, you are still a young girl. Oh, little girl... I do not envy your body.

Win Quote vs Ouka
You should return to your country. Everyone has a family...

Win Quote vs Ruili
Do I hear a bell? ...No, I suppose not. I grow weary.

Win Quote vs Saber
Do not forget the name Al Azif. I am the world's most powerful grimoire. Anyone who associates me with some necromantic army is a fool.

Win Quote vs Saya
There is no place in the world of light for a being of darkness. Flower of the desert, you must wither here.