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Oh, my brother... I've lost... it's so annoying... Will you get revenge for me..?

Are you leaving? Ruili still wants to play...

I'm sorry. I've sullied my brother's reputation. But my body isn't even dirtied...

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Hey, let's play.

Win Quote
My brother promised me. I can't betray him now.

I won't hand my brother over to anybody! He is Ruili's!

Win Quote vs Al Azif
Magical power? We don't need anything like that. Ruili and brother can live forever, even without it.

Win Quote vs Anna
You want to be a human being, too? It's ok, even if you have a doll body, as long as you have a heart, you are human.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
Ruili isn't a corpse. The doctor called me a gynoid. Am I alive? Hehehe, probably.

Win Quote vs Ignis
Even if you have a sword, you can't beat me. You are much weaker than my brother.

Win Quote vs Mora
A vampire? Is it like jiang shi? Ruili doesn't know anything about it. Don't get in our way.

Win Quote vs Muramasa
The counterbalance of good and evil? Ruili doesn't care about good or evil. I just want to be with my brother. That's all that matters.

Win Quote vs Ouka
You need more kung fu!

Win Quote vs Ruili
I don't like to see another Ruili and another brother. So I'll have to destroy you.

Win Quote vs Saber
Ruili doesn't know anything about "chivalry," but maybe brother does. Next time I'll have you teach me.

Win Quote vs Saya
You have someone you like, right? Its ok, as long as you keep on thinking of them, you'll be together someday.

Win Quote vs. Ein
You're an assassin, aren't you? Ruili has been through a lot with her brother. We've met a lot of enemies like you... we're used to it.