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I've given up being the Phantom. Up to now, I didn't want to fight again... but...

I knew this day would come. To think that it is today, of all days... ...but... I can't die just yet...

Does my journey end here? I can't decide if I want to keep fighting. Reiji, what should I do..?

Win Quote
I'm sorry. For his sake, I can't die here.

Oh, god... even if I must atone for my sins in the 7 eternal hells, I am not afraid.

Win Quote vs Al
Magic... It's a power that I don't understand. Maybe I wasn't supposed to be your opponent, but this time you lost.

Win Quote vs Anna
Automaton... it's amazing to see a robot that can move so well... If things like you exist, the world wouldn't need people like me...

Win Quote vs Ein
...Are you... me? What a strange feeling. I wonder if this was a trial by god.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
You have enough offensive strength, but I'm faster. You just can't keep up with me.

Win Quote vs Ignis
Your fighting style--using countless traps--is not bad. I even learned a little. But those skimpy clothes are just going to give you away.

Win Quote vs Mora
If your enemy was a vampire, your weapon and fighting style may have worked. But I am a human with a gun.

Win Quote vs Muramasa
That silver hair and dark skin... you don't seem like a normal human. You seem very familiar... like a weapon..?

Win Quote vs Ouka
You are strong. But... if you're going to live as a weapon, you should abandon your feelings. You'll only harden your heart.

Win Quote vs Ruili
I don't have any brothers... But I understand how it feels to love. I have someone important. That's why I can't lose. I'm sorry.

Win Quote vs Saber
I can tell you don't approve of the way I fight. But an assassin must be efficient and accomplish their task as cleanly as possible.

Win Quote vs Saya
I've seen into all the dark places on earth and lived through hell, but I've never heard of anyone like you. Where have you been hiding?