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...Well done. I am honored to have matched my sword against you. Until we meet again...

Am I going to be defeated in a place like this..? Will I go back without fulfilling my wish..?

Win Quote
My magical energy keeps running low... I will need to eat and rest soon.

This war is becoming dangerous. I suggest a hasty retreat.

Win Quote vs Al Azif
A magical tome can take human form?! And such a cute form, at that... uh, sorry, that's not what I meant.

Win Quote vs Anna
Hmm, a maid. I guess it means something different in this time. And those clothes... oh, no. I'm not interested..!

Win Quote vs Ein
An assassin... who actively works against my code of chivalry. In other words, my bitter enemy.

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
You fight against an undead army? You are no match for me until you summon a Servant.

Win Quote vs Ignis
You handle your sword superbly. But I do not approve of your underhanded tactics! Fight fairly!

Win Quote vs Mora
I feel an eerie energy from you. I see, you're half-vampire, making you more powerful than normal humans. Ah, you are a vampire hunter.

Win Quote vs Muramasa
The counterbalance of good and evil... it's quite different than chivalry, and yet I admire you. Let's talk again.

Win Quote vs Ouka
A splendid attack for having but one eye. I was not careless, and yet it was a tough battle.

Win Quote vs Ruili
Your love is your reason for fighting? I've watched people die for their love... and yet, I am envious.

Win Quote vs Saber
Another... me? Is this an imitation, or another Servant that has been summoned? Only I will have my wish granted...

Win Quote vs Saya
Is this some sort of tentacled monster? This strange beast was weaker than me, but could be dangerous in large numbers.