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Ethica Kibanohara
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Ahh, my memories are flashing before my eyes. To leave so many beautiful girls behind... I've got to do something!

A Living Dead Stalker can't become a corpse! You've got to be joking! I can still fight!!

The Living Dead quickly lose all emotion. But I still want to beat the crap out of you!

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Thank you. I love you!

Win Quote
Phew! That was close. I don't want to waste time on a fight that's not for work, so let's end this here.

Gehehe, this is my close tactical combat style. I'll give you that lesson for free!

Win Quote vs Al Azif
Yeah, groovy! I defeated the "Necronomicon!" Now I want a chainsaw and a boom stick!!

Win Quote vs Anna
Ehh? Show me, show me! Hmm, hmm. Wow, it's true! It's a really well done doll. Maybe I can look inside while it's not moving...

Win Quote vs Ein
Wow, you're a great gunslinger! There was a character like that in one of those old retro virtual games. Pew pew!

Win Quote vs Ethica Kibanohara
Huh? Did someone clone me without permission? Gross. I'm me, there's only one!!!

Win Quote vs Ignis
Huh, so you can use traps like that. It wasn't a very good example, though.

Win Quote vs Mora
A vampire, huh? Actually, just half-vamp, I guess. Should I be carrying around a silver bullet, like my partner?

Win Quote vs Muramasa
From head to toe, she is just looking good. I want to try touching her ear... just a little... can I bite it?? I don't want her to wake up...

Win Quote vs Ouka
She looks so threatening, but like, kinda cute. I think she's just really stressed out. Maybe I should help her relax?

Win Quote vs Ruili
Are you a soul copy? Or some kind of lemures? As a Living Dead Stalker, I need to know.

Win Quote vs Saber
Yeah, she's pretty hot. I bet since she's always so tense, she gets crazy when she relaxes...

Win Quote vs Saya
Ahhh, pass pass! I only specialize in living and dead humans not weird things in the shape of humans!