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Pandora Sacrifice

Yeehaw! Time to smash!!

I hate people who can't fight seriously!

Win Quote vs. Abel
What exactly do you need a memory for? You know what I want? A toy so I can wreck the living piss out of everything!

Win Quote vs. Akuma
Mwuahahaha! It's been so long since I've met someone who could tangle with me! I'm getting giddy!

Win Quote vs. Alisa
Are you finished with your parlor tricks? If so, hurry up and die.

Win Quote vs. Asuka
Stupid-ass kid! Did you really think you'd be able to stop me?

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Haha, your punches feel like flies slapping my face! Try a little harder next time, champ!

Win Quote vs. Bison
Other than your chin looking like a baboon's ass, what else can you do to prove your worth?

Win Quote vs. Blanka
I can feel your electricity coursing through my body. Heh... This feels good...

Win Quote vs. Bob
Be thankful. I'm giving you a death suited to a man of your size.

Win Quote vs. Bryan
Where was this clone of me hiding all this time? I'm going to have to show my thanks to the good doctor for this one.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
Relying on your friends does not make humans strong. Remember that.

Win Quote vs. Christie
You REALLY thought you could go up against me? Huh? Well, here's your consolation prize... Death.

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
An Interpol lapdog, huh? Well, if you die like a dog here, no skin off my nose, heh.

Win Quote vs. Cody
You're calling everyone else "boring?" Have you looked in a mirror lately, loser?

Win Quote vs. Cole
Take your half-assed powers and get out of here!

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
Hey, tell your god this when you see him: "Your divine protection wasn't worth jack in the end."

Win Quote vs. Dudley
Let me tell you what a real match is like. There are no rules, and there is no mercy. There is only life and death.

Win Quote vs. Elena
Gather as many friends as you want, woman. Just don't include me on that list.

Win Quote vs. Guile
You've been able to escape the jaws of death up until now... Consider yourself lucky for surviving so long.

Win Quote vs. Guy
To protect the world, you say? I'm already dead, and soon, you will be too.

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
The one they used to honor as the King of Iron Fist is now bloody before my feet. How far the proud have fallen.

Win Quote vs. Hugo
I thought giant fatasses were supposed to be able to take a beating? What's wrong, ya big baby?

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
Haha, I thought you were just some stupid punkass kid, but you proved that you were even worse than that! Haha!

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
Don't let me catch you around here again unless you want me to bite your nose off.

Win Quote vs. Jack-X
That big head may be empty, but I might be able to use this tin can for something. This could be fun, heh heh heh...

Win Quote vs. Jin
This pathetic excuse for a child is head of the Mishima Zaibatsu? Haha, I almost feel bad for laughing!

Win Quote vs. Julia
We don't need to revive the forest. Unless you want me to burn it down again, that is.

Win Quote vs. Juri
You and I have something in common, woman. I also love to torment the people I beat the piss out of, hahaha!

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
Come on, get up! I'm not finished with you! Show me you're more of a man than your father and son!

Win Quote vs. Ken
I like how you went for the kill in style. That's what I like in an opponent.

Win Quote vs. King
Huh? That mask is just a stupid disguise? I thought it'd be something more useful... Guess I was wrong.

Win Quote vs. Kuma
Just when I thought you'd be something more than a wild beast, you just had to go and disappoint me.

Win Quote vs. Kuro
You come here with moves you copied over the past two days, got your ass beat, and you think you have the right to complain? Hah!

Win Quote vs. Lars
You look like a reject from a high school drama. Get the hell out of my face.

Win Quote vs. Law
I'm getting tired of your bird-like crying. Time for you to die.

Win Quote vs. Lei
This is where we part ways, Lei Wulong.

Win Quote vs. Lili
There is one thing money is not able to buy, girlie: Your life.

Win Quote vs. Marduk
Come on, scream for me! Cry out for your mommy! Do something instead of whimpering like a dog!

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
Just looking at you makes me want to off you and save you the embarrassment of a pitiful life.

Win Quote vs. Nina
An assassin should always be prepared for death. But are you prepared to face yours?

Win Quote vs. Ogre
You surprised me, monster. Now call your friends for help! Give me some more entertainment!

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
Hmm, you’re an interesting specimen. Maybe I’ll keep you around for a while before I destroy you.

Win Quote vs. Paul
You're number one in the universe, no doubt. When it comes to stupidity. Now it's time for you to disappear.

Win Quote vs. Poison
What happened to all that courage you had a few minutes ago?

Win Quote vs. Raven
Before you die on me, send your HQ a message for me, will ya? Tell them that they're next.

Win Quote vs. Rolento
In my perfect world, the loser has no rights to anything. Especially the right to live.

Win Quote vs. Rufus
Good, you've finally shut up. You squeal more than any pig I've seen.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
That was a fun beatdown. You're as good as they say.

Win Quote vs. Sagat
You weren't too bad of an opponent. You're the best living thing I've duked it out with in a while.

Win Quote vs. Sakura
In the end, kids are just kids, and I don't discriminate between who I hand out the beatings to!

Win Quote vs. Steve
Holding back on me? If you wanna kill me, you'll have to use more than just your fists!

Win Quote vs. Toro
You didn’t know? Death comes for both humans and cats.

Win Quote vs. Vega
Hey, ya stupid clown, don't you have any more tricks to entertain me with, or are you only good for prissy somersaults?

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
Children do not receive any mercy from me. Especially when they squeal as loud as you do.

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
I still haven't thanked you for providing me with this body. So let me repay you... with death.

Win Quote vs. Zangief
Well, that iron body of yours came in handy. It let me get in a few extra shots before you fell like a sack of potatoes.