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Kuma (II)
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(Come at me from any direction!)

Win Quote vs. Abel
(Hey, what's up with you!? Stop looking at me like that! Do you want me to beat you up some more!?)

Win Quote vs. Akuma
(Are you really human? Humans still surprise me after all this time...)

Win Quote vs. Alisa
(So, you are a robot! No wonder I didn’t smell anything…)

Win Quote vs. Asuka
(What's with the weird accent? Are you from the sticks or something?)

Win Quote vs. Balrog
(You're a pitiful excuse for a "buffalo," even for a human.)

Win Quote vs. Bison
(Hmm... The Mishimas are stronger, but for the leader of Shadaloo, you're not bad...)

Win Quote vs. Blanka
(Wait a minute, do they have bears in the Amazon too? Are they green like you too?)

Win Quote vs. Bob
(Come on, my body is closer to perfection than you.)

Win Quote vs. Bryan
(I smell nothing but trouble with you. Stay down or else you'll be sorry!)

Win Quote vs. Cammy
(Sure, you can pet me, but I'm a bear, lady. I'm not a giant kitty!)

Win Quote vs. Christie
(I don't know any Eddy, sorry. You should ask some humans for help.)

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
(Sorry, but human rules do not apply to bears.)

Win Quote vs. Cody
(Why do humans go into cages with other humans? I don't understand your species sometimes...)

Win Quote vs. Cole
(I’m not scared of your electric powers. Even if you are good with them!)

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
(Aiiiiyyy! My fur's standing on end! You're a freaky human!)

Win Quote vs. Dudley
(No kicks, no biting... You humans sure do love your rules.)

Win Quote vs. Elena
(Of course I've been to a forest! I've just never heard any voices. That's just *weird*.)

Win Quote vs. Guile
(You again? Why do you keep on bother... Oh, it appears I was mistaken. My apologies, you look just like him.)

Win Quote vs. Guy
(Your fight to protect the world of humans doesn't involve me, so please leave!)

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
(This is what happens when I don't take care of the Mishima family!)

Win Quote vs. Hugo
(Wow, you're big for a human! But you're not as strong as you look.)

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
(A young bear cub is more of a match than you were!)

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
(I've had to fight to survive my whole life. I'm like you, except I don't lose!)

Win Quote vs. JACK-X
(If I can get this thing under my control, I can destroy the whole lot of them and take back the Mishima Zaibatsu…!)

Win Quote vs. Jin
(Now I shall take back the Mishima Zaibatsu! I will revive this company and bring it back to its former glory!)

Win Quote vs. Julia
(I, too, want to revive the forest! Once I reclaim the Mishima Zaibatsu, we shall help you!)

Win Quote vs. Juri
(Were you trying to kill me...? Th-that was close...)

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
(I will save the Mishima Zaibatsu! And you will not be a part of it, Kazuya!)

Win Quote vs. Ken
(You look just like some bear I know with that karate gi on, although... You aren't a bear.)

Win Quote vs. King
(That mask gave me a false sense of hope that you'd be a good opponent. At least you were kind of tough.)

Win Quote vs. Kuma
(I don't know where you came from, buddy, but you better scram before I get REALLY angry!)

Win Quote vs. Kuro
(Huh, internet and manga you say? Interesting, I’ll give it a try next time I’m in town.)

Win Quote vs. Lars
(If you’re a part of the Tekken Force, don’t stand in my way! I’m the next head of the Mishima Zaibatsu!)

Win Quote vs. Law
(Whenever I prepare for my hibernation, I stock up on my goods. You oughta do that with your money!)

Win Quote vs. Lei
(I don’t want to get in your way, so please don’t get in mine!)

Win Quote vs. Lili
(You want my hide? What about the rest of me!?)

Win Quote vs. Marduk
(Don't be silly! An ordinary human like you can't beat a bear like me!)

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
(Even to a bear you look pretty bad. Perhaps my species is on the rise…)

Win Quote vs. Nina
(Words are meaningless in battle? That's what we bears say as well!)

Win Quote vs. Ogre
(Hey, if you're going to stay on this Earth, at least try to fit in and get some new clothes!)

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
(Huh, what are you? You don't smell like something I can eat...)

Win Quote vs. Paul
(You're really getting on my last nerve! I oughta throw you up into outer space!)

Win Quote vs. Poison
(You want to make ME your pet!? What the heck are you thinking!?)

Win Quote vs. Raven
(A great ninja like you should know that tricks that work on humans won't work on bears!)

Win Quote vs. Rolento
(I don't have any interest in your ideals. You should ask your fellow humans for help!)

Win Quote vs. Rufus
(So you can use your fat like I use my claws, huh? That's interesting...)

Win Quote vs. Ryu
(You may be a true martial artist, but fighting barefooted like that must be hard for a human...)

Win Quote vs. Sagat
(Big, strong, tough... You'd do well in the world of bears!)

Win Quote vs. Sakura
(What! How can you say that it's obvious bears need to be killed!? What kind of school are you in?!)

Win Quote vs. Steve
(With those punches, you'd be lucky to even damage my fur!)

Win Quote vs. Toro
(You want to be human? That’s tough, but, I guess it’s nice to dream.)

Win Quote vs. Vega
(That's no claw! THIS is a claw! Let me show you just how dull that piece of garbage is!)

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
(I'll pass on Miss Panda this time... But if you could... Could you tell her that I... I...)

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
(I had no intention of getting in your way, but you're getting in my way!)

Win Quote vs. Zangief
(Grrr! You're the one the Russian Bear Society told me about! The Red Demon! I will avenge my comrades!)