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I feel it within me.

Pandora Sacrifice
Not good...!

Are you prepared to die?

Win Quote vs. Abel
I may have won this time, but I must admit, you are strong, and you have some interesting techniques.

Win Quote vs. Akuma
What a grueling battle… And I thought I had grown stronger…

Win Quote vs. Alisa
Alisa, are you alright!? I'll treat your wounds...

Win Quote vs. Asuka
You can become stronger if you try. I look forward to fighting you again.

Win Quote vs. Balrog
The next time we fight, I hope you have a better strategy than ‘punch until they’re dead.’

Win Quote vs. Bison
I cannot stand people like you. Your reign of terror ends here!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
We humans are an interesting bunch. We're always overcoming our limits, like you and your amazing electrical abilities.

Win Quote vs. Bob
You are very, very far from having the perfect body.

Win Quote vs. Bryan
Don’t move, or else my comrades will be forced to detain you.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
Comrades, huh… My comrades are like my family. I’ll protect them till the bitter end.

Win Quote vs. Christie
Eddy? Where have I heard that name before?

Win Quote vs. Chun-Li
You say that I’m suspicious? That wasn’t my intention, but why do you think so?

Win Quote vs. Cody
Why are you in chains? You should go back to your cell if you know what's good for you.

Win Quote vs. Cole
This is not a costume, although you may think it is.

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
I will change my fate no matter what. That's the road I have chosen.

Win Quote vs. Dudley
Your punches cannot touch me. I can see them before you even throw them out.

Win Quote vs. Elena
I had a good time fighting you, thank you.

Win Quote vs. Guile
You fight with a great deal of insight and rationality. I’ll have to take some notes.

Win Quote vs. Guy
I thought that ninjas were not supposed to stand out. Is that not their modus operandi?

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
The time has finally arrived. Say your prayers, Heihachi Mishima.

Win Quote vs. Hugo
You better watch where you’re going next time, big guy.

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
You will never be able to defeat Jin Kazama. That privilege is mine!

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
Sorry, kid, but you asked for it. Surrendering to a mere child would leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth.

Win Quote vs. Jack-X
Hm, strange. Despite being a new model, you still have the same tactics as the previous iterations.

Win Quote vs. Jin
Jin Kazama, this is where you meet your end!

Win Quote vs. Julia
Other fighters would do well not to underestimate you… You are no ordinary woman, that’s for sure.

Win Quote vs. Juri
What joy can you possibly get from the torment of others? I don't understand people like you...

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
Your quest for power ends here. Don’t worry, I’ll make your end quick and painless.

Win Quote vs. Ken
Your own impatience was your downfall today.

Win Quote vs. King
Finally, a capable fighter. Not only are you fast and powerful, but you have quick wits in battle.

Win Quote vs. Kuma
Sorry, but I don't have any trout for you to snack on.

Win Quote vs. Kuro
Not even a cat will get an ounce of leeway with me.

Win Quote vs. Lars
Alright, simulation is over. That wasn’t so bad.

Win Quote vs. Law
I'll pass on your little get rich quick scheme. I simply have no interest.

Win Quote vs. Lei
Are you alright? I thought that fight would have taken more time...

Win Quote vs. Lili
I must admit you are strong, but you are not without your weak points. You are full of faults.

Win Quote vs. Marduk
You’re a tough customer. I should’ve expected as much from a pro wrestler.

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
How are you able to wear such clothing? It’s quite impressive…

Win Quote vs. Nina
Next time, if you don’t hold back, I won’t hold back.

Win Quote vs. Ogre
My power was barely enough to contain you. I must become stronger so this does not happen again.

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
Even in defeat you smile at me… What are you?

Win Quote vs. Paul
I don’t wish to impede on whatever plans you have, but don’t get in my way again.

Win Quote vs. Poison
Our conflict ends here. I have something I need to take care of, and I have no interest in wasting time with you.

Win Quote vs. Raven
Interesting moves you have there. Too bad they weren’t enough to beat me.

Win Quote vs. Rolento
I already have my comrades, and I will not turn my back on them!

Win Quote vs. Rufus
It would be better if you concentrated more on fighting and less on talking.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Good fight. We’ll have to do that again.

Win Quote vs. Sagat
I had a feeling it wouldn’t be an easy fight, and you lived up to my expectations. As expected of the one that they call the king.

Win Quote vs. Sakura
I honestly did not believe that you could take me to my very limits. Perhaps I underestimated you.

Win Quote vs. Steve
Your mistake was getting ahead of yourself. Think about your opponent fight, and not on your ‘certain’ victory.

Win Quote vs. Toro
I can’t believe I spent all this time chasing away a cat…

Win Quote vs. Vega
Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. It is not for you to judge what is beautiful and what is ugly.

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
My apologies… Fate has determined that I would stop Jin Kazama.

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
That blade is dangerous. I’ll take that from you so it doesn’t cause any more suffering.

Win Quote vs. Zangief
If you dare interfere with my matters again, I will make sure to leave your convictions scattered on the floor, along with your body!