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If you don’t take this seriously, you’re gonna get hurt!

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I feel it... The power!

Pandora Sacrifice
What's happening to me...?!

Get serious already!

I knew I'd win.

Win Quote vs. Abel
You still haven’t found your family? Is there anything I can do to help?

Win Quote vs. Akuma
Like I’d lose to you! I wouldn’t be able to face him again.

Win Quote vs. Alisa
Holy smoke, what else you got under there? You'd be cute if not for the chainsaws.

Win Quote vs. Asuka
You have to fight with your head, and not get too carried away. Remember that for our next fight!

Win Quote vs. Balrog
If you wanna just slug it out, I can do that too! Though, I'd rather show off my skills!

Win Quote vs. Bison
Feels great to go all out when I don’t care about hurting my opponent.

Win Quote vs. Blanka
I'm sure the jungle is pretty severe, but have you ever tried to take on the corporate world?

Win Quote vs. Bob
You’re a lot faster than you should be. Is that really just a suit full of air or something?

Win Quote vs. Bryan
You picked the wrong guy to start a fight with. I'm always the one who ends them.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
You always look so pissed off. You’d be cute if you smiled more.

Win Quote vs. Christie
Eddy? Sorry, never heard of him. Is he your boyfriend or something?

Win Quote vs. Chun-Li
Maybe you’re a little overworked? You seem more sluggish than normal.

Win Quote vs. Cody
Nothin' wrong with getting a little down and dirty! I used to be like you back in '82.

Win Quote vs. Cole
You know, you'd probably perform better if you cut the salt out from your diet. That stuff's killer.

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
Spitting fire is a cool trick. Mind teaching me how it's done?

Win Quote vs. Dudley
Nice punches, dude! You're a complete 180 from that other boxer.

Win Quote vs. Elena
I like your cheerful attitude! That's the spirit! Hope we can fight again 10 years from now...

Win Quote vs. Guile
You should go home and be a family man... Hey, I guess it applies to me too now.

Win Quote vs. Guy
Love the shoes! Are they custom made?

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
You’ve been old for, like, forever. What’s the deal?

Win Quote vs. Hugo
You need to work on your footwork. You’re not going to beat me by just power alone.

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
You got a good head on your shoulders, but you don't have the experience to beat me.

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
You should concentrate more on the fight. Maybe you'd find a boyfriend if you won more!

Win Quote vs. Jack-X
You remind me of the cartoons my son likes to watch. Don't you shoot lasers out of your eyes?

Win Quote vs. Jin
If you have time to play around here, shouldn't you be taking better care of the Mishima Zaibatsu?

Win Quote vs. Julia
You pack one helluva punch, sister. I'd hate to get on your bad side.

Win Quote vs. Juri
I'm not into girls who're all talk and no show. Besides, I'm married anyway.

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
Been too busy with business to keep up your training? Learn how to multi-task, man!

Win Quote vs. Ken
If you wanna impersonate me, you'd better remember to include the strength next time!

Win Quote vs. King
I can't see your eyes under that mask, so can you tell me if you are unconscious? Yes? No?

Win Quote vs. Kuma
Hey, a bear. Eliza does love stuffed animals...

Win Quote vs. Kuro
A cat. Walking around like a human. What’s next, a boxing kangaroo?

Win Quote vs. Lars
Are you cosplaying the Mighty Warrior Bokori Man? My son loves that show.

Win Quote vs. Law
Greed will be your downfall. …Read that on a fortune cookie once.

Win Quote vs. Lei
It'll take more than that to beat me! Aren't there any cool stunts you can do?

Win Quote vs. Lili
Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Your father must be worried sick about you.

Win Quote vs. Marduk
I really thought you'd be stronger than that. Is that huge body just for show?

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
Maybe I shouldn't ask, but where'd you get that weird outfit?

Win Quote vs. Nina
You’re an assassin hired by the Mishima Zaibatsu? Maybe they should ask for a refund…

Win Quote vs. Ogre
Looks like that takes care of everything. I wonder how Eliza is doing...

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
Your fundamentals are all over the place! You need to go back to the training room!

Win Quote vs. Paul
Strongest fighter in the universe? From today, that title is now mine!

Win Quote vs. Poison
If you want more money, you should first work on figuring out how to save it.

Win Quote vs. Raven
Maybe if you'd take those sunglasses off you could've seen my attacks better?

Win Quote vs. Rolento
Geez, who talks like that? I thought war movies went out of style years ago!

Win Quote vs. Rufus
Man you're persisent. Are you one of those guys who gets angry when I don't answer your fan mail?

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Now we know who has the better Shoryuken! This is just the start of my win streak, buddy!

Win Quote vs. Sakura
You just keep getting stronger! You may even beat me the next time we fight!

Win Quote vs. Steve
Whew, what a fight! That one really got me pumped!

Win Quote vs. Toro
I hope Eliza never catches wind that I just fought with a cat... I'd never hear the end of it...

Win Quote vs. Vega
You’re gonna have to drop the pretty-boy act if you wanna fight me for real.

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
If you want to protect someone who is important to you, you’re gonna have to get stronger than that.

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
You sure you're a ninja? You stick out like a whale in a goldfish pond.

Win Quote vs. Zangief
You're still having trouble with Hadokens? Man, how many years has it been?