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Win Quote vs. Abel
Come back after you're a bit wiser to the world. Right now you would only slow me down.

Win Quote vs. Akuma
So this is the power of a demon? I thought Japanese monsters were tougher than that.

Win Quote vs. Alisa
Bosconovitch? Are you some kind of new Mishima weapon?

Win Quote vs. Asuka
You've definitely got guts, kid. Unfortunately, that's all you've got.

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Just shut up. Did you think you could beat a professional with brute force alone?

Win Quote vs. Bison
I won't kill you, you heartless bastard. I've learned that revenge is meaningless.

Win Quote vs. Blanka
Hmph. Attacks that rely solely on instinct are the easiest to predict.

Win Quote vs. Bob
You're much faster than I thought you'd be. No stamina, though.

Win Quote vs. Bryan
There's no way an amateur like you could defeat a professional like me.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
Standing up will only make your wounds worse. Knowing when to rest is also a soldier's job.

Win Quote vs. Christie
I don't know any guys named Eddy. Sorry.

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
You look tired. Take a breather here.

Win Quote vs. Cody
Guys who can't control themselves are always the first to die on the battlefield.

Win Quote vs. Cole
Electric powers... Your abilities were dangerous, but you're obviously still just an amateur.

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
The only thing a soldier can believe in on the battlefield is himself.

Win Quote vs. Dudley
There's no such thing as etiquette in a fight. Leave the boxing ring and you'd understand that.

Win Quote vs. Elena
You have an interesting fighting style. Not bad, for an amateur.

Win Quote vs. Guile
I know my own moves better than anyone else. Both my strengths and weaknesses.

Win Quote vs. Guy
Your clothes aren't suited for covert operations. At least wear a pair of combat fatigues.

Win Quote vs. Heihachi
Even the King of the Iron Fist can't overcome old age, I see.

Win Quote vs. Hugo
No matter how big they are, everyone has the same weak spots. You overestimated yourself.

Win Quote vs. Hwoarang
This is the result of the difference in our abilities. You need to get out and rack up more experience.

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
It's time for kids to go back home. Your family is worried about you.

Win Quote vs. Jack-X
There's no reason why I would lose to a pre-programmed robot.

Win Quote vs. Jin
Was that it? Maybe you should spend more time in the gym and less time crying for no reason.

Win Quote vs. Julia
Sometimes things are just unpredictable, like nature. You of all people should understand that.

Win Quote vs. Juri
Your problem is that you don't take the battlefield seriously. Until you do, you'll never win.

Win Quote vs. Kazuya
The Devil Gene... It certainly is as fearsome as it sounds. Nothing a pro can't handle, though.

Win Quote vs. Ken
I see... I'm starting to understand what it means to use your strength to fight for your family.

Win Quote vs. King
Your muscle composition is not bad at all. You'd make for a good soldier.

Win Quote vs. Kuma
You can understand human speech? Huh, I guess any animal can be trained.

Win Quote vs. Kuro
Now what should I do with this guy…? I heard Cammy likes cats…

Win Quote vs. Lars
Very impressive. Lars Alexandersson...I hope we meet again someday.

Win Quote vs. Law
You remind me of a guy I know. You don't act in kung fu movies, do you?

Win Quote vs. Lei
Super Cop...I've heard of you. Your commitment to justice and your beliefs are commendable.

Win Quote vs. Lili
I don't have time to play around with children. Don't you have any cookies to sell somewhere?

Win Quote vs. Marduk
There's no one watching, so trying to put on a performance is a big waste of time.

Win Quote vs. Mega Man
Amatuers shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns of that caliber. I’m going to have to destroy that.

Win Quote vs. Nina
One miss on the battlefield could be fatal. I shouldn't have to tell you that though.

Win Quote vs. Ogre
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Win Quote vs. Pac-Man
Just what the hell are you anyway? I’ll be keeping my eye on you.

Win Quote vs. Paul
Always nice to find someone else who understands the importance of good hair grooming.

Win Quote vs. Poison
If you're looking to attract new fans, then you probably shouldn't have challenged me.

Win Quote vs. Raven
So you specialize in covert operations? Too bad for you, I'm pretty good at taking lucky shots.

Win Quote vs. Rolento
I've seen countless madmen like you over the years. Sorry, I can't support your baseless insanity.

Win Quote vs. Rufus
Guys who blabber on endlessly have no place on the battlefield.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
I can feel your dedication in all of your attacks. I'm looking forward to challenging you again.

Win Quote vs. Sagat
Thanks for the match, king. Your defense was good overall, but a pro will utilize any opportunity.

Win Quote vs. Sakura
You've got a pretty good head on your shoulders. With a little more experience you'll be top-class.

Win Quote vs. Steve
I like your sharp punches. Just improve your accuracy and you'll be a decent fighter.

Win Quote vs. Toro
...A cat? Or is this some kind of new military weapon?

Win Quote vs. Vega
Take your circus act elsewhere. Clowns like you have no place on the battlefield.

Win Quote vs. Xiaoyu
Wanting to protect someone is a noble idea, but you need to work on your self-discipline.

Win Quote vs. Yoshimitsu
Your tricks have no effect on my battle strategy.

Win Quote vs. Zangief
You've trained yourself well. But there's a big difference between muscles for show and strength.