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Shen Woo
Win Quote vs. Andy
Stop talking about history and tradition and concentrate on fighting!

Win Quote vs. Ash
You shouldn’t have set me up like that. Now let’s go grab something to eat.

Win Quote vs. Athena
This is not a place for little girls! Go home and sleep before you get hurt!

Win Quote vs. Billy
Why is a guy like you working for other people? You should use your skills to get by on your own!

Win Quote vs. Chin
Retire already! Your heart won’t last much longer, you old freak!

Win Quote vs. Clark
The Hell you speak of is just a nice hot spring compared to what I’ve seen.

Win Quote vs. Daimon
Try to attack sometimes, huh? You’re making me look bad!

Win Quote vs. Dark Ash
I don’t know what’s going on, nor do I care, but you’re really ticking me off!

Win Quote vs. Duo Lon
Fights with you are always really close. I like that! Let’s go again!

Win Quote vs. Elizabeth
I'm a nice guy, so let me give you some advice. Women should stay the heck away!

Win Quote vs. Hwa Jai
Just stay down and have a rest. You don't want to get even uglier, do you?

Win Quote vs. Iori
What happened to your flames? Did your tears put them out?

Win Quote vs. Joe
You’re the “man who commands storm”? I hardly felt a breeze!

Win Quote vs. K'
Stop putting on airs, kid. I’m tougher and more experienced than you.

Win Quote vs. Kensou
Is that all, kiddo? I’m sure that freak teacher of yours taught you more!

Win Quote vs. Kim
You'll "educate" me!? What could I learn from someone as weak as you?

Win Quote vs. King
It's been a long time since I last had this much fun with a woman!

Win Quote vs. Kula
Hey, where are this kid's parents? I can't take her crying anymore!

Win Quote vs. Kyo
The best guy in Shanghai beat the best guy in Japan. That's all there is to it!

Win Quote vs. Leona
Women never put up enough of a fight. But I'll admit you weren't bad.

Win Quote vs. Mai
You must be tired of jumping around. I prepared a hospital bed for you.

Win Quote vs. Mature
You wanna know one of my strong points? I have no problem hitting women!

Win Quote vs. Maxima
That wasn't much of a fight. Are you out of gas or something?

Win Quote vs. Raiden
Sorry! I thought I was punching a huge sandbag for a second there!

Win Quote vs. Ralf
Hey, not bad for a guy like you! I have to give you credit, Army man!

Win Quote vs. Robert
Your face is more bulgy than your muscles. Do something about that!

Win Quote vs. Ryo
Change your hairstyle right now! I’m sick of people mistaking me for you!

Win Quote vs. Saiki
I don't know who you are, but you made a big mistake getting me angry like this!!

Win Quote vs. Shen
You’re a curious one. Why change into a guy that has so many enemies?

Win Quote vs. Takuma
It's too early to go to sleep, old man! Just one more round. It'll be fun!

Win Quote vs. Terry
You're the "Legendary Wolf!?" Your name sounds better than you are!

Win Quote vs. Unawakened Saiki
Right, that takes care of the beating. Now, for the questioning part! So, how are you connected to Ash?

Win Quote vs. Vice
You fight like crazy! You’re more of a man than most guys I know!

Win Quote vs. Yuri
You’re not a true fighter yet. You need to develop your own style first.