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Universal Dialogue
Dan Hibiki
Sakura: Hello! What the-!? Hibiki-san! What happened!? Are you OK?
Dan: No one.
Sakura: Hm?
Dan: No new applicants. Not one! And I did that rad commercial and everything! Was it the time slot? 3AM too late? Should I have included some... some miracle detergent or something?
Sakura: Uh... Hibiki-san, you told people to come to the dojo to apply...
Dan: Well, that's not my fault. My phone service got cut.
Sakura: No... I mean you didn't include an address or anything in the commercial. So, exactly how are people supposed to find you?
Dan: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

That's right! The Saikyo Dojo is now accepting applicants! Witness the Saikyo Arts as developed by world-famous fighter, Dan Hibiki! Everyone from high school hotties to Brazilian beastmen have benefitted from his awesome instruction! Get in on the ground floor of the hottest martial art ever devised! Dan Hibiki has won fans the world over, earning stardom not just from his skills, but from his incredible good looks and personality! Don't pass up on this chance to take orders directly from this superstar demigod! Act now, and receive a 50% discount on your enrollment fee! But wait! That's not all! Mention this ad when you apply and receive a Saikyo T-shirt and a pair of tree-trimming shears absolutely free! Wear the shirt while you trim trees, and you'll be beating the neighborhood cougars off with a stick! Don't wait! Call to- Uhh... Actually, just drop right on in!

Win Quote
Dinner? I usually eat beans right from the can while standing over the sink.

Now you have to join my dojo! Just write your name and credit card number here...

Keep an eye on my father, I won't let the Saikyo arts down!

Whoever's still standing wins! I almost tripped, but I didn't, so I win!

I just thought of a great new taunt! Better write it down before I forget!

If you let instant noodles soak long enough, they feel more filling!

Underestimating me is a surefire way to get hurt!

For a second, I thought I might lose... Aw, who am I kidding? I was sure of it!

I stubbed my toe! I hope you have good insurance, bub!

No problem!


Win Quote vs. Abel
A family is more of a hassle than you think. You'll need a job an' stuff.

Win Quote vs. Adon
You'll never be king unless you move to the Saikyo arts! Wanna give it a try?

Win Quote vs. Akuma
That was a close one. My whole life flashed before my eyes. How sad...

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Chicks don't dig the whole greed thing, bro. You might wanna think about that.

Win Quote vs. Bison
Anyone with a secret base or a private army or a house must be pure evil!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
Hey, Jimmy! I'm not getting many applicants lately. I wonder why...

Win Quote vs. Cammy
You're a friend of Sakura's? That gets you a 50% discount at my dojo!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
Interfering with an investigation? Don't arrest me! I'm too pretty for jail!

Win Quote vs. Cody
I guess being unemployed beats being in prison... You OK, dude? Lighten up!

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
I'm pretty sure hiding devices up your sleeves and in your boots is cheating.

Win Quote vs. Dee Jay
Your music sucks. That said, I'd take a free CD if you've got any.

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
Dude, you're married!? And you have a kid? You're kidding? For real!?

Win Quote vs. Dudley
You rich people make me sick! I drink my tea from a paper cup and I like it!

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
Gah! What is this crap!? Somebody bring me a glass of water!

Win Quote vs. Evil Ryu
W-w-w-wait! Take it easy, man! You're gonna give yourself an aneurysm!

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
Remember the Saikyo arts! It blows your style away!

Win Quote vs. Gen
Don't even think of suing me for damages, gramps!

Win Quote vs. Gouken
I heard you were dead. Wait a minute... Dude, you're not a ghost, are you?

Win Quote vs. Guile
I think the comfort of a regular income would just cramp my style, bro.

Win Quote vs. Guy
Sorry, bro. I'm just driven to punch guys that are more handsome than me.

Win Quote vs. Hakan
What a waste of good oil! I coulda fried, like, 10 eggs in that!

Win Quote vs. Honda
What was that all about? I've seen sumo before, and that move was not sumo!

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
You need, like, a safety pin or something for your pants there?

Win Quote vs. Juri
You were tryin' to kill me for real, weren't ya? You're lucky I'm a nice guy.

Win Quote vs. Ken
You think you're a real winner, but you didn't win this time, didja, big shot?

Win Quote vs. Makoto
If you hang up a plastic sheet to catch rain, be sure to do it from outside!

Win Quote vs. Oni
Aaaah! Goodbye, cruel world! Wait a sec... You mean I won?

Win Quote vs. Rose
Does sleight of hand magic really count as a fighting style? Seriously?

Win Quote vs. Rufus
I wish I was a smooth talker like you.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Your moves are a convincing imitation, but I'm still stronger!

Win Quote vs. Sagat
Father! Did you see that? I finally did it!

Win Quote vs. Sakura
Ready to give up? Huh? No, it's cool. We should stop now.

Win Quote vs. Seth
That's it! I won! Where's my prize money? Does it come on a giant check?

Win Quote vs. T. Hawk
Not having a place to live sucks. I totally feel your pain, bro!

Win Quote vs. Vega
Handsome dudes really get my goat! Great hair only makes me hate you more! Argh!

Win Quote vs. Yang
Huh? You wanna be stronger than your bro? Well, come to the Saikyo dojo!

Win Quote vs. Yun
You wear that cap to cover up your bald spot, right? Ha ha, I'm on to you!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
All your fans are snot-nosed kids! I-I'm not jealous or anything.