Shoryuken Sunset
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Universal Dialogue
Cody Travers
Before Battle with CPU Guy
Guy: So, you're going after S.I.N., are you? Tell me why.
Cody: Look, I don't need a reason.
Guy: Seth is an evil man who brings chaos to this world. Cody, tell me you'll fight him alongside me.
Cody: Sorry, Guy. It's like I told you. I fight by myself nowadays.

Cody: Not you again...
Guy: The world is simply what it is. This is from the teachings of Bushin-ryu. Somehow, you rail against this teaching without even knowing it. Cody, you have vanquished a great evil. I believe this means that you must still hold some shred of goodness in your heart. I know that in your soul, there remains a disdain for those who seek destruction.
Cody: Nah, he was just in my way, that's all. I took him down 'cuz he was botherin' me.
Guy: Then I take it you have no intention of returning.
Cody: Returning? Yeah, I'll return, all right. To my cell. That's where I belong.

Don't get your panties in a bunch. You'll see me again soon enough. I figured that riddin' the city of the Mad Gear would make everybody happy. Not just me - all of us. But this is my reward, huh? Everyone else goes on to live the high life and I get left behind in a prison cell. A city where no one has to fight... A city free from violence... A city without fear... Pfft! Yeah, gimme a break! I thought I was fightin' for peace in this city. Look where it got me. What a drag, man. Wouldja look at that. Huh... Well, I'll be damned... Looks like we're in for a reunion. Maybe this won't be so boring after all.

Personal Action
Uhh... I'm ready for a nap.

Hey! Let's do this for real!

You finished practicin' now?

You're borin' the crap outta me.

Hey! Bring it already!

Makin' me sleepy.

You are fightin' way outta your league.

You ready to start fightin' for real?

You always fight like this?

You can do better than that!

Well now, let's see if we can't do something about my boredom.

Win Quote
Fighting like this brings back lots of memories.


If I'da known it'd be this boring on the outside, I'da stayed in prison.

A fighter that goes down that easy ain't worth a thing. Beat it!

You sure you wanna be goin' around startin' fights with guys like me?

I prefer my fights quick an' easy.

The only thing that doesn't change is the excitement of the fight.

This is gettin' boring. Maybe I oughta head home.

I've got time. You up for a rematch?

I don't need a reason. I just like to fight.

Let's get this over with.

Win Quote vs. Abel
Families are overrated, man. They're more hassle than they're worth.

Win Quote vs. Adon
How do you have time to train between all those bouts of braggin' yourself up?

Win Quote vs. Akuma
I thought you were s'posed to be way stronger than that. What happened?

Win Quote vs. Balrog
I ain't about to get beat by a classless chump like you! No way, no how!

Win Quote vs. Bison
I don't consider myself a good guy anymore, but I had to take you down!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
I ain't here to fight animals. Just buzz off an' I'll leave ya alone.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
I thought you'd be a pushover, but you pulled off some impressive moves.

Win Quote vs. Chun-Li
I'm tellin' ya lady, I ain't who you think I am. He died a long time ago.

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
Calm down, lady. I ain't your target.

Win Quote vs. Dan
You're all talk, man! Anyone ever tell you that before?

Win Quote vs. Dee Jay
If you fight this bad, I'd hate to hear your music!

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
If your god is real, couldn't he just make it rain on your village?

Win Quote vs. Dudley
If you put half as much energy into the fight as you do moustache grooming...

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
Take a chill pill, man. You're givin' me a headache.

Win Quote vs. Evil Ryu
I'd hate to get on your bad side.

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
Nice moves, but too flashy. You'd get eaten alive in Metro City, man.

Win Quote vs. Gen
Watch out for karma, man. Things have a funny way of workin' themselves out...

Win Quote vs. Gouken
Sorry, pal, but I'm sick of takin' advice from my elders. Beat it.

Win Quote vs. Guile
Sometimes, justice don't prevail. You already knew that, right?

Win Quote vs. Guy
Look, man. People change. I've changed. You've changed. That's the way it is.

Win Quote vs. Hakan
What would you do if you had to fight a smoker? Wouldn't you catch fire?

Win Quote vs. Honda
Not interested in whatever it is you're sellin', fat boy. Beat it.

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
If you wanna fight, come at me for real. I ain't interested in kids' games.

Win Quote vs. Juri
I've got a certain amount of respect for people who don't follow rules.

Win Quote vs. Ken
Overcoming rivals? Taking care of your family? That's all lost on me, man.

Win Quote vs. Makoto
Not bad, but you need to deviate from the textbook if you really wanna win.

Win Quote vs. Oni
Haha, getting into a scrap with a dude like you makes this world worth living in!

Win Quote vs. Rose
If you can change the future, what's the point of seeing it?

Win Quote vs. Rufus
Fightin's done with fists, not words. Learn to keep your mouth shut!

Win Quote vs. Ryu
I enjoy a serious fight now and then. That was fun!

Win Quote vs. Sagat
I didn't expect much, but you turned out to be one heckuva fighter.

Win Quote vs. Sakura
Not bad for a wannabe. In a few more years, you'll be a real contender.

Win Quote vs. Seth
Next time you wanna take me on, dial back the weirdness a bit, will ya?

Win Quote vs. T. Hawk
Don't let me stand in your way if you got stuff to do. Good luck!

Win Quote vs. Vega
I'm sick of your mouth, man. Get away from me before I start punchin' again!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
I'm used to beatin' up big guys like you. You leave yourself wide open!