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Universal Dialogue
Ken Masters
He's so small... Congratulations, mom! We were waitin' for ya, kiddo! Welcome to the Masters family!

Yeah. Everything's going great. What about you? How'd the tests go? Great! Listen, take it easy, OK? When you go down steps, make sure you- What? Oh, I read it in a baby book. OK, OK. I'll back off. I love you too, Eliza. I'll call you again later. Just think - Me, a dad! It feels like I'm dreaming. I guess it'll all feel pretty real once he's born, though. You and I used to just be plain old fighters, didn't we, Ryu? Then I up and got married and now I'm on the road to fatherhood. I wish I could say I felt the same now as I did when we trained together, but things will definitely change from here on out. I'm feeling pretty strange here, Ryu. Change is good, but it can be scary, too. I wonder what advice you'd have for me... Guess I'll just ask you in person!

Win Quote
Natural ability is great, but it takes work to use it!

See? The stronger fighter always wins! As easy to understand as a flowchart!

I could really improve if I could find someone strong enough to beat me!

Uh-oh! I'd better check with Eliza!

Phew! I bet that would make for one exciting replay!

Get back up and I'll just knock you down again!

Not bad! Looks like I just earned myself a new rival!

You know my moves, don't you? Why'd you just walk into 'em like that?


Got it!

The whole American champion thing seems petty. I should aim even higher!

Win Quote vs. Abel
You've got potential, but you need to keep your head in the game.

Win Quote vs. Adon
You should have trained more under Sagat before venturing out on your own.

Win Quote vs. Akuma
I knew walking into the ring that I'd humiliate you! And I did it my way!

Win Quote vs. Balrog
An out-of-control temper is no match for a champ like me!

Win Quote vs. Bison
Your days as an evil overlord are over! Don't show your face around here again!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
You can bite and shock me all you want. In the end, I still walk away the champ!

Win Quote vs. Cammy
Don't look so mad, kid! You're cuter when you're smiling!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
Anyone ever say that you're a workaholic? Take a vacation once in a while!

Win Quote vs. Cody
Everyone gets down in the dumps sometimes. I'm sure you'll get over it.

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
Just who do you work for, anyway? Keep in mind your answer will have consequences.

Win Quote vs. Dan
Knocked out already? Dude, are you for real?

Win Quote vs. Dee Jay
I'm always up for a rough-and-tumble fight, dude!

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
It takes more than a 15-foot reach to knock me out, partner!

Win Quote vs. Dudley
You've really deepened my appreciation for boxing!

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
Don't worry. I'm sure someone somewhere would appreciate your cooking.

Win Quote vs. Evil Ryu
Ryu... Is that really you!? What the hell happened? Ryu!

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
So, where's the camera crew? I don't see anyone...

Win Quote vs. Gen
You're getting too old for this. Have you thought about retiring?

Win Quote vs. Gouken
You're not mad at me, are you, Master?

Win Quote vs. Guile
Bring my sister-in-law over for a visit soon! Eliza really wants to see her!

Win Quote vs. Guy
Don't get me wrong. I really like red. I just don't think it suits a ninja.

Win Quote vs. Hakan
Dude, you're looking a little crispy. I guess my moves don't mix well with oil.

Win Quote vs. Honda
It'll take more than Sumo to take away my American title, friend!

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
Alright! Alright! I won't treat you like a kid from now on. Happy?

Win Quote vs. Juri
That was close! What's up with that eye of yours, anyway?

Win Quote vs. Makoto
For a kid, you sure are tough! I've got high hopes for your Rindo-kan dojo!

Win Quote vs. Oni
What a pain... Guess I can get back to Eliza now.

Win Quote vs. Rose
I only believe in fortune tellers when they have good news!

Win Quote vs. Rufus
What? No, it's me. Seriously. Just a stunt double? Gimme a break!

Win Quote vs. Ryu
You have to come over for a visit once my kid is born!

Win Quote vs. Sagat
Ryu was right. You're a tough customer. But I'm his real rival!

Win Quote vs. Sakura
You've gotten a lot stronger! I can't let my guard down around you anymore!

Win Quote vs. Seth
Why did you resurrect yourself into the same lame body type as last time?

Win Quote vs. T. Hawk
The chance to meet interesting people like you is why I can't quit fighting!

Win Quote vs. Vega
Take your eyes off the mirror for a second and hit the gym now and then!

Win Quote vs. Yang
Haha, I like it! You got power, kid! Let's do it again sometime!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
You didn't give it your all, did you? Were you afraid of my Hadokens?