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Universal Dialogue
Before Battle with CPU Bison
Guile: Bison!
Bison: Hmpf! Your presence annoys me, worm!
Guile: This time, I'll send you straight to hell!

It's been a while since I've been here, Charlie. Sorry. I hope this makes you feel better. We managed to put an end to S.I.N.'s plans. But still, something tells me we haven't seen the last of Shadaloo just yet. It's not time for a toast just yet, old friend. The day will come when our mission is complete.

How many years have you been gone, friend? I thought I'd avenged you, but the men who killed you have returned. And me... I'm still stuck in the cycle of causing others grief thanks to my own selfish quest. That organization has cost more lives than anyone can count on their rise to power. They've killed cops, soldiers... God only knows how many civilians have fallen due to their actions. Not to mention all the martial artists that were kidnapped and murdered at the hands of Shadaloo's pet organization, S.I.N. Those men and women had children... They had families... They had friends... I'll make those bastards pay, Charlie! I'll destroy every last branch of their organization! I'll expose every evil act they've committed on this Earth!

Win Quote
What an easy mission!

That was too easy!

Knowing when to give up is nothing to be ashamed of.

In war, the loser doesn't get a second chance. You're lucky this isn't war.

Fighting you has brought out my true strength.

I could really go for a cup of coffee right about now...

I don't enjoy fighting. If the other guy starts it, though, I'll do what it takes.

If you can't dodge, just take your licks and throw the fight. No use trying.

My arms and legs cut like blades! You can't compare!

The only way to win is to keep a cool head and stay focused.

Your moves are well-executed and strong. You have a bright future ahead of you.

Win Quote vs. Abel
The man who saved you used this move? You must be talking about my friend!

Win Quote vs. Adon
The weakest dog barks the loudest. That describes you perfectly.

Win Quote vs. Akuma
You fight only to grow in power? I can't grasp that motivation.

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Uncontrolled rage might win a bar brawl, but it won't get you far against me!

Win Quote vs. Bison
I can finally visit Charlie's grave without feeling shame!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
Winning takes more than just instinct and brute force. Try harder!

Win Quote vs. Cammy
You've grown strong. You're shaping up to be quite the soldier!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
Is something bothering you? Has the investigation taken a bad turn?

Win Quote vs. Cody
You broke a wall to escape prison? I'd hate to be your warden.

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
You don't want to spill your secrets? Whatever. I know more than you think.

Win Quote vs. Dan
Challenge me again once you've actually acquired some semblance of skill.

Win Quote vs. Dee Jay
Your beats don't interest me. I only listen to country music.

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
This is a place of battle. Indulge in your philosophical platitudes elsewhere.

Win Quote vs. Dudley
Not bad! I could use a few of those moves on the battlefield!

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
I hate spending money on food. Especially tasteless garbage.

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
In my line of work, you have to keep a cool head. You couldn't handle it!

Win Quote vs. Gen
You say you're an assassin? I oughta haul you in!

Win Quote vs. Gouken
You fight like those two, but I had to change up my strategy to win.

Win Quote vs. Guy
You fight for your ideals? You're a man out of your time, friend.

Win Quote vs. Hakan
Your oil is no match for my battle instincts!

Win Quote vs. Honda
I can't lose to a sumo wrestler. The battlefield knows no rules.

Win Quote vs. Ibuki
Go home and be a schoolgirl. I don't have time for games.

Win Quote vs. Juri
Looks like I won this time. And believe me, there won't be a next time!

Win Quote vs. Ken
You don't have what it takes. Go home and be a family man.

Win Quote vs. Makoto
Keep losing like that and you'll ruin your dojo's image, kid.

Win Quote vs. Oni
Control your rage and turn it into a weapon. That's real strength!

Win Quote vs. Rose
I'm not interested in possibilities. What I need are cold, hard facts!

Win Quote vs. Rufus
On the battlefield, actions speak louder than words!

Win Quote vs. Ryu
That was quite a fight. I can see why you have so many imitators.

Win Quote vs. Sagat
I don't care about the meaning of the fight. I'm only interested in results.

Win Quote vs. Sakura
Not bad, kid. Before long, you'll be a pro like the rest of us!

Win Quote vs. Seth
Stand up! And start talking! Your interrogation starts now!

Win Quote vs. T. Hawk
You'll need to get stronger if you want to fight for your beloved, friend.

Win Quote vs. Vega
If you can't put your money where your mouth is, I suggest you keep it shut!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
The bigger they are, the harder they fall!