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A few days later...
Doronjo: Ya-ha-haa! This is the one-hundredth year we've faced each other! This day marks your defeat, Yatterman!
Yatterman-1: Hungh... The Dorombo Gang - again...
Yatterman-2: We're so bored of fighting you guys. Why don't you give up and go straight?
Boyacky: Ha! Well, we're tired of hearing you talk trash all the time! You'll pay for every stupid thing you've ever said!
Tonzura: Ha-ha! We finally gathered enough evil trios throughout history! Yo guys! Come on out!
Grocky: Can't get off on the right foot without a good start! Marjo, Walther, and Grocky - the original Marjo Gang!
Donjuro: Striking at putrid good guys everywhere, it's Mujo, Tobokay, and Donjuro! Bow down before the ultimate evil trio!
Sekobichi: And the group with most potential is us! Atasha, Dowalski, and Sekobichi - the elite trio of evil!
Doronjo: Yah-ha-ha! I see you're at a loss for words! How rare! But there are still more evil trios!
Yatterman-1: ...
Princess Milenjo: Bringing down you goody-two-shoes will get us closer to the Firebird! Princess Milenjo declares this to be law!
Yatterman-2: ...Umm... Gan-chan? What do you think?
Yatterman-1: Aah, don't worry about it, Ai-chan. You're at full charge, right?
Mun-Mun: From cutting boards to rockets, Skull Lease is the company for you! The ultimate evil trio is here!
Dasainen: Yan-Yan, Tonmentan, and Dasainen are...

Win Quote
Whenever you're in trouble, just call Yatterman and I'll be there! ♪

I did it! I won! I hope Gan-chan was watching me...

Thanks for getting my back, [your partner]. We'll have no problems fighting together!

OK, [your partner]. It's time to do our victory pose! Yatter! Yatter! Yatterman!

Wow! You're pretty strong there, [your partner]. I'll take back some of the things I said about you!

Did you underestimate me because I'm a girl? Well, too bad for you!

That was pretty tough... Without Gan-chan by my side I just can't seem to find my rhythm.

Evil will find no place to hide in a world with Yatterman around! OK?

Win Quote vs. Alex
Wow, you got overalls too! What kind of business is your family in?

Win Quote vs. Batsu
I can tell that you got a real sense of justice! Hey, any interest in becoming Yatterman-3?

Win Quote vs. Casshern
Wow! So, you're, like, an android or something? I gotta tell Gan-chan all about you!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
Wow, you are so cool! I'm jealous! You're my new hero!

Win Quote vs. Doronjo
That Dorombo Gang never learns from their mistakes. Here they are again, up to no good!

Win Quote vs. Frank
If you just stand around and take pictures all day, of course I'm gonna beat you!

Win Quote vs. Gold Lightan
You're a good robot, aren't ya? Sorry about hitting you like that... You're not hurt, are you?

Win Quote vs. Ippatsuman
So I'm, like, your spiritual predecessor? For real? Then why do you have to attack me for no reason?

Win Quote vs. Joe the Condor
You looked so angry and your clothes are kinda sucky. I thought you were part of the Dorombo Gang. You're not, though, right?

Win Quote vs. Jun the Swan
That costume is so sweet! Can I try it on? Please?

Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki
I had no idea swords could conduct electricity like that... Sorry about that...

Win Quote vs. Karas
I don't want to do anything bad to your city. I'm just chasing after the Dorombo Gang. Mind letting me through?

Win Quote vs. Ken the Eagle
We both have to protect the earth, so never stop training!

Win Quote vs. Megaman Volnutt
You are just so cute and polite! ♪ Maybe we can, like, spar again sometime.

Win Quote vs. Morrigan
I know I won the fight and all, but I feel like I lost out to you as a woman. Why is that?

Win Quote vs. Polymer
I didn't know you could change into a drill! Wow! You almost hurt me there!

Win Quote vs. PTX-40A
Oops! I thought you were just a robot... I had no idea someone was in there... Are you mad?

Win Quote vs. Roll
So, you're, like, really good at cleaning and stuff? Maybe you can show me how?

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Wow, you're one tough cookie! Good thing I brought my A-game or I would've been done for!

Win Quote vs. Saki
Wow! You got someone you're in love with, too? Let's go over there so I can hear all about it!

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman
Hey, hey, hey! You shouldn't swing around something so big and dangerous like that! You could break something, and then how would you feel?

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman Blade
I was all scared of you at first, but I don't think you're a bad guy... Maybe I shouldn't have to beat you...

Win Quote vs. Viewtiful Joe
When you said you enjoyed movies, I thought you meant watching them, not being a part of them! That's bad bananas!

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-1
Gan-chan, wake up, will ya!? This is no time to be sleeping...

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-2
I'm Gan-chan's real girlfriend! Not some fake floozy like you! I'm also the real Yatterman-2!

Win Quote vs. Zero
Ooh... I didn't mean to bust you up like that. Don't worry, I'll fix you up in a jiffy!