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Kaijin no Soki
...Hey... Ungh...
Akane: Hey! Brother!
Soki: Akane? What the? And Ohatsu, and Roberto, and Tenkai too!
Ohatsu: Soki! You're alive! I'm so relieved!
Soki: Yes, nice to see you as well, Ohatsu. Tenkai, can you find the way back home from here?
Tenkai: The dimension has been rent asunder. Perhaps one of these rifts is the road from whence we came. I think... Hmmm...
Akane: These holes all look the same... What should we do, Soki?
Soki: Since we don't know which one to take, we'll just have to try them all!
~Astaroth's Castle~
Astaroth: What's that infernal racket!?
Ghoul: Master, Master! Emergency! Arthur and some others have entered the Ghoul Realm! They're headed for the castle!
Astaroth: You say Arthur is not alone?
Arthur: Ya-hah! I'm glad to have your sword by my side, but I'm sorry for dragging you into this!
Soki: No need for apologies, my friend! I live for this!
Arthur: Ha-ha-ha! You're a lad after my own heart! Once we've rescued Guinevere, I'd be honored to aid you in your fight against demons!
Akane: There it is! Astaroth's castle!
Soki: Everyone ready!

Win Quote
My techniques are unparalleled! Whatever comes, Lamentation shall cut them down!

You made me use my Oni powers... What manner of being are you?

My apologies, but I don't have any time to waste playing with you.

Ha-ha! Good work, [your partner]! I ask you to do the same during the next battle!

When my mind and body are one, cutting even the strongest steel is no different than slicing tofu!

The tempo of the fight was so tedious that I couldn't help but yawn while parrying your attacks.

I no longer have time for these games. You have no chance of winning a fight with me.

I am Soki - slayer of demons, destroyer of Darkness! I am the Oni of the Ashes!

Win Quote vs. Alex
What is with barbarians like you who only use their fists? Why do I keep encountering warriors like you and Roberto?

Win Quote vs. Batsu
Seems like you've battled a swordsman before, and despite your age, you seemed awfully calm.

Win Quote vs. Casshern
You're a strong opponent for one so slight, Casshern. Don't hold back!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
I knew it. Your fashion is popular nowadays, correct?

Win Quote vs. Doronjo
Not only are you a terrible fighter, those two goons with you are cowards!

Win Quote vs. Frank
W-What in the world is that box! There is a miniature version of myself in there!

Win Quote vs. Gold Lightan
B-Buddha? How could I have decapitated the Great Buddh... Oh. It seems I was mistaken.

Win Quote vs. Ippatsuman
Wearing that kimono lets you fly through the air? Shatter boulders? And deflect blades!? That is hardly fair.

Win Quote vs. Joe the Condor
I see you do what's necessary to combat evil... I can sympathize with your ordeal.

Win Quote vs. Jun the Swan
You call yourself a ninja, but you stand out far too much. Is your clothing not a hindrance to your work?

Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki
If you wish to become like me, then you must perfect your swordsmanship.

Win Quote vs. Karas
My blood is boiling! Are you of demonic lineage!?

Win Quote vs. Ken the Eagle
I have no interest in making lofty statements. I don't care if you're an eagle or whatever you think you are. Stand in my way, and I'll cut you down!

Win Quote vs. Megaman Volnutt
My predecessor went to battle with a weapon that could change shape. Is your arm that weapon?

Win Quote vs. Morrigan
I'm not very good around women such as yourself. You would do better to seek someone who is less virtuous than me.

Win Quote vs. Polymer
I was startled by having an illusion appear before me, but I knew it was a fake when the real you screamed.

Win Quote vs. PTX-40A
I... WIIIIIIIN! Owww! My hands still quaver with pain!

Win Quote vs. Roll
Ah... If only Jubei had your poise and charm.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
I recognize the look in your eyes, warrior. You are one who has discarded all hesitation and possesses the refined soul of a samurai.

Win Quote vs. Saki
Muskets such as yours were once feared, but now they are nothing more than light and noise.

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman
A magnificent body, a giant sword, and the ability to spin webs... Kabuki have become quite fascinating!

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman Blade
Your speed is amazing, despite the weight of your armor. Just what kind of strength do you possess!?

Win Quote vs. Viewtiful Joe
Try as I might, I cannot hate a talker like you...

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-1
How wondrous, an acrobat of justice! This era has shown me quite the number of curious performances!

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-2
You... You can manipulate lightning...? For a second there I thought you were some sort of demon!

Win Quote vs. Zero
So, that is the sword used by samurai of your land. With something like that, a horde of demons would be tough to handle.