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Batsu Ichimonji
*Rumble, rumble!*
Batsu: Is everything going back to normal now?
Raizo: Good... You're awake now, Batsu. How do you feel?
Batsu: Huh... What the... Am I in a hospital? How should I be feeling? Hey! Huh...!? Is this... is this my fighting spirit!? It's like a flame! Like my body's making an aura! Dad, what's happening to me!?
Raizo: Stay calm, son. This is the strength of your spirit boiling up! Your strong desire to protect your friends has manifested itself as this flame! You're no longer just Batsu; you're Burning Batsu! You can continue to fight the good fight with your new power and your strong sense of justice!
Batsu: Okaaay... So, what am I doing in a hospital? Last thing I remember I was training on a mountain... I was practicing a certain move... Someone made me stand out of form... and then...!! Wait! I remember! That was you! You tried to throw me off the freakin' mountain! What the hell, Dad!
*Crash! Punch!*
Raizo: Why ya gettin' so upset!? You should have been able to shrug off an attack like that! Aren't you the one always asking me to spar with ya!?
Batsu: I asked you to show me some moves, not knock me into the bottom of a waterfall! Man, you are so lame!
Raizo: Yeah, but you're stronger now, aren't ya!? Stop whining about it already! I raised you to be a man, not a crybaby!
*Crash! Punch! Kick!*

Win Quote
Did you see it!? That was our awesome team-up technique in action! "Not awesome," you say? Then get out of my face!

There's only one rule to fighting: the strong will win.

You'll never be able to hold on to your principles if you're weak. If you don't like that, then get stronger and do something about it.

Heh... You've got a good right hook there!

Whoa! Not bad, [your opponent]! I really felt that last one!

Keep on bringing it if you need to take your frustration out on something. I don't mind pounding on you guys until you get a clue.

I don't know anything about what it takes to be a hero, but since when has losing helped bring justice to the world?

I'm not worried about any challengers when I've got you around! Let's do this, [your partner]!

Win Quote vs. Alex
Um... Um... I... don'toh... speaku Engrish! Sankyu! Good-bye!

Win Quote vs. Batsu
So, ya think you're fightin' the good fight, eh? Put your punches where your mouth is and actually try to hit me!

Win Quote vs. Casshern
I... I can't take it anymore! I absolutely hate dogs! Sorry, but I've got to get out of here!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
I've never seen such powerful kicks before. You only landed a few of them because I hadn't yet compensated for your speed.

Win Quote vs. Doronjo
Bad guys sure like wearing skintight clothes, don't they? Not that I really pay attention.

Win Quote vs. Frank
What, are ya here to take our class pic? Ha! I'd like to see you walk through the front gate without getting beat down!

Win Quote vs. Gold Lightan
I might be outclassed in terms of raw spirit, but I betcha don't have as much Guts as I do!

Win Quote vs. Ippatsuman
Shouldn't a grown man like you be embarrassed to wear that?

Win Quote vs. Joe the Condor
That cape's freakin' cool! Don't it get in the way, though? Maybe I'll start wearing a trenchcoat...

Win Quote vs. Jun the Swan
Leave it to a tactician to get caught up in the details. We could've had a better fight if you just came right at me from the beginning.

Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki
I've faced down opponents' swords before. Don't think you can scare me with your samurai act.

Win Quote vs. Karas
You think you can take me with pathetic attacks like that!? You've got to put some heart and soul in your fighting if you want to beat me!

Win Quote vs. Ken the Eagle
So, what exactly does the Science Ninja do? Sit around all day and polish their helmets?

Win Quote vs. Megaman Volnutt
I've fought a lot of punks in my time, but none of 'em have ever brought a drill to a fight!

Win Quote vs. Morrigan
I've only got room for Guts and justice! I ain't got time for reading books or going to class!

Win Quote vs. Polymer
So you're the protector of some city, huh? I guess that's like a local hero kind of thing?

Win Quote vs. PTX-40A
Get down out of that machine and come and get knocked out like a man!

Win Quote vs. Roll
Hey, look... Um, I'm sorry. Just stop crying, OK?

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Hmm... That's the Shimazu-style karate, isn't it? Seems like everyone's using that these days.

Win Quote vs. Saki
Whew! I knew if I just focused my body and soul, I could dodge your bullets! (Which, by the way, are totally unfair!)

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman
With skills like that, I couldn't even trust you to protect my school, let alone Earth.

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman Blade
Dang... You were all over the place! I guess you needed an outlet for all that stress.

Win Quote vs. Viewtiful Joe
Your attacks suck because you put all your efforts into your costume. What are you, some kinda street performer?

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-1
What kind of guy wears coveralls to a fight? You should've left them in the closet.

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-2
It's good you got friends to help you out. Mine ain't too bad at fightin', either!

Win Quote vs. Zero
That sword's like something outta a sci-fi flick! I have no idea how it works, but it's freakin' cool!