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Joe the Condor
Hewie: Woof, woof!
Fiona: Yaaargh!
Debilitas: Ya-ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha... Hungh?
Debilitas: Uh... uh... uh!
Joe the Condor: Take cover, ma'am!
Fiona: Huh? What?
Fiona: Huh? Yaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
Hewie: Woof, woooooooof!
Ken the Eagle: Joe! Can you hear me! Were you firing Bird Missiles without permission again!? How many times have I told you not to...!
Joe the Condor: Get a grip, Ken. Look behind you before you give me that crap! There are more evil organizations out there than just Galactor! Are you gonna question me every time I go into battle?
Ken the Eagle: I'm not questioning your motives - it's your methods!
Joe the Condor: What exactly are you saying, Ken!?
*Beep, beep!*
Joe the Condor: Sorry, no time to talk. Sensors have picked up a new evil organization. I'm outta here!
Ken the Eagle: Joe! Get back here! I'm not done talking to you!
Joe the Condor: Wherever I find evil in this world, I will destroy it with my Bird Missiles!

Win Quote
I am Science Ninja operative Joe the Condor. You would do well to remember the name of the man who beat you senseless.

Are you going to surrender quietly, or am I gonna have to punch you again?

Heh... Target terminated. Proceeding to the next mission's coordinates.

You can't hold back in the middle of a fight. That's one of the rules of battle you need to remember, [your partner].

Heh... I've got nothing nice to say to weaklings. Get out of my face before you get hurt.

I have no sympathy for losers. Instead of hating me, you should hate your own shortcomings.

My Bird Missile will hunt evil down and eradicate it here and everywhere!

The tragedy of all losers is that they think they were on the verge of victory.

Win Quote vs. Alex
Argh! My head's still spinning... I can't believe someone was able to grab me in the middle of a fight. I'm getting careless!

Win Quote vs. Batsu
I risk my life in battle every day. Your punches feel like you've never even hit someone before.

Win Quote vs. Casshern
Your body is near-invulnerable, but your joints are weak. I won by aiming for them.

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
What does Interpol want with me? I'll decide how much I'll hurt you based on your answer.

Win Quote vs. Doronjo
You don't seem to be interested in changing your evil ways. Maybe you didn't learn your lesson when I beat you the first time.

Win Quote vs. Frank
Our activities are state secrets. I'm going to have to confiscate that film.

Win Quote vs. Gold Lightan
I realize you're a traveller from a distant planet, but you don't have to be shy. In fact, I brought a lot of hot lead to welcome you.

Win Quote vs. Ippatsuman
All you do is attack head-on. All your movements are over-exaggerated and easy to read. But you got spirit, so I guess that's better than nothing.

Win Quote vs. Joe the Condor
Get out of my sight! I'm not going to waste my time on a dirty, stinkin' fake!

Win Quote vs. Jun the Swan
Not bad, Jun. Be sure to keep up this intensity on our missions.

Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki
Don't bring a sword to a gun fight. I think you've learned your lesson, right?

Win Quote vs. Karas
I can throw these shuriken feathers at the speed of sound. Your attacks are as slow as molasses in winter. Fighting you is a cinch.

Win Quote vs. Ken the Eagle
Hey, now... It looks to me like you've been slacking off, Ken.

Win Quote vs. Megaman Volnutt
That wasn't bad, per se... If we ever fight again, you might have a chance if you start off serious. Maybe.

Win Quote vs. Morrigan
Sorry, Miss, but I don't believe in the occult. I'm not a fan of anything you can't shoot with a real gun.

Win Quote vs. Polymer
All you do is run your mouth, eh? I take it the Hurricane style is nothing more than prancing around and talking ad nauseam.

Win Quote vs. PTX-40A
Your firepower and mobility is most impressive... I wonder what Dr. Nambu would make of it.

Win Quote vs. Roll
You are... just... just all over the place. You've obviously never studied the rules of combat.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Yes... You are strong... For an amateur. You don't have what it takes to fight a pro like me.

Win Quote vs. Saki
I've learned something today. It's not all about power. You need accuracy as well.

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman
You talk big saying you're Earth's protector and you're the pinnacle of modern science. But all that bragging means nothing when you get beat down!

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman Blade
I don't care why you're fighting or why you think you should win. If you stand in my way, I will break you.

Win Quote vs. Viewtiful Joe
For the love of... Do you ever stop talking!? This is a fight, not a circus! Who or what are you!?

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-1
Anyone who tries to stop us will be hurt. That policy extends to even kids like you.

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-2
You done playing superhero, little girl? You should go home before you get hurt.

Win Quote vs. Zero
You've got speed, I'll give you that. But your textbook fighting style isn't gonna work on the man who wrote the book!