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*Rumble, rumble*
Yatterman-1: We gotta get out here on the double! The fabric of space itself is shaking! Yatter-Wan! Gather up everyone and get them to safety!
*Rumble, rumble - CRACK!*
Yatterman-2: Huh? Kiaaaaaaargh!
Yatterman-1: The ground! It's splitting up...! Oh no! Ai-chaaaaaaaaan!
Yatter-Wan: Woooooof!
Yatterman-2: ...Huh...?
Yatterman-1: Whew! That was a close one... Ai-chan, are you OK!? You hurt at all?
Yatterman-2: I'm OK. Thanks. I thought I was a goner for sure.
Yatterman-1: You had me worried there! I'm glad you're OK... If you're ever in trouble, I'll be there to save you!
Yatterman-2: Gan-chan... *Sniffle*
Yatterman-1: Ai-chan...!
Yatterman-2: Gan-chan... ♥
Yatterman-1: Ai-chan... ♥

Win Quote
What a waste of time! You might as well not even show up if you can't even fight!

That wasn't as fun as I thought it'd be. How 'bout we try to be a little more carefree, eh?

Great job there, Yatter-Wan! You deserve an oil snack for that!

Victory Pose! Yatter! Yatt... er... You don't seem to be happy to be doing the Victory Pose, [your partner].

Whether I'm blocking or punching, I'm always using all of my power! That's the Yatterman way!

Victory Pose Time! Yatter! Yatter! Yatterman!

Evil will find no place to hide in a world with Yatterman and Yatter-[your partner]!

Nice going, Yatter-[your partner]! What? You mean you want me to stop calling you that? Why?

Win Quote vs. Alex
Man almighty! You are diesel! Can I touch your bicep?

Win Quote vs. Batsu
You're so keyed up! I like it! That's how ya do it!

Win Quote vs. Casshern
When I get in close like that, I just unleash the ole Kendamagic. You'll be feeling it in the morning.

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
Ow-ow-ow-ow! Why'd you hafta kick so hard? You can tone it down for a bit, can't ya?

Win Quote vs. Doronjo
Fancy meeting ya here, Doronjo! I kinda wish I didn't... but, well, whatever.

Win Quote vs. Frank
That is a really cool digital camera! Can I see it? No? It's for work only? Why do you gotta be such a downer?

Win Quote vs. Gold Lightan
I've fought so many crazy, messed-up robots in my time that fighting a ginormous lighter ain't no biggie.

Win Quote vs. Ippatsuman
I think that's enough for today. I don't want to get this handsome face dirty.

Win Quote vs. Joe the Condor
That's a pretty nifty weapon you got there. Mind if I try it out? No? Oh, OK...

Win Quote vs. Jun the Swan
You're fast, I'll give you that. But if you telegraph your attacks like that, of course I'm gonna dodge them.

Win Quote vs. Kaijin no Soki
What!? You're using a real sword!? I thought it was some kind of toy! And here I was just takin' it easy the whole time! Yikes!

Win Quote vs. Karas
I didn't notice it earlier, but that armor has got lots of gimmicks! Can I get one, ya think?

Win Quote vs. Ken the Eagle
That's what you get for judging someone by their looks, Birdy Man! Lucky for you I was holding back!

Win Quote vs. Megaman Volnutt
So, like, you got a different weapon for every attack or something? Pfft... All I need is my Kendamagic and I'm good to go.

Win Quote vs. Morrigan
I've seen enough sexy villainesses in my time to know what to expect from you! By the way, you're way hotter than Doronjo, I gotta say.

Win Quote vs. Polymer
Ummm... That's not what I would call justice. You're a bit narrow-minded, ain't ya?

Win Quote vs. PTX-40A
Pretty versatile for a robot. I gotta say, though, your design is pretty old-school. You gotta jazz that thing up, maybe turn it into an animal...

Win Quote vs. Roll
Hey, if ya got any free time, why don't you come over to my place. And don't forget your cleaning supplies! OK?

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Wow! That was a rockin' good time! Don't hold back the next time we fight, OK?

Win Quote vs. Saki
I can tell by the look in your eyes that you've been in some pretty rough scrapes.

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman
Looooo-ser! Looooo-ser! Hey, don't get angry at me! Take it out on those alien baddies you fight!

Win Quote vs. Tekkaman Blade
Hey, if you got something buggin' you, I could give you some advice!

Win Quote vs. Viewtiful Joe
When it comes to speed, coolness factor, and random craziness, I've gotcha beat every time!

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-1
Hey-hey-hey! You're getting a little carried away, ain't ya? No way are you good Yatterman material!

Win Quote vs. Yatterman-2
Ow-ow-ow! Why in the world are you attacking me, Ai-chan!? The enemy's over there! See!?

Win Quote vs. Zero
So you're saying you come from a world filled with robots like you? That's so cool! You gotta take me!