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Before Battle with CPU Ryu
Ryu: Sagat! It's been a long time.
Sagat: A promise is a promise.
Ryu: Hooooh!

Personal Action
Do not enrage the king!

Show some backbone.


You will taste defeat.

Show more respect to the fight.

Do your worst.


Hmmm, what's the matter?

Take your shot!

Win Quote
If you can get up after that, I'll happily treat you to another beating!

What a feeble attempt! Did you actually think you could hurt me with that?

There is no disgrace in defeat provided that you learn from your own mistakes.

Only the powerful deserve a chance to take a shot at my throne!

Did my kicks dizzy you or are your punches always so sloppy?

I am not called the king for nothing! I could never lose to you!

Your weakness is a disgrace to those who actually deserve to take me on!

You have potential. We should fight again one day.

How foolish of you to take me on! Did you not know my strength?

Only those with the courage to face me are granted a rematch.

You see now why they call me the king!

Win Quote vs. Abel
You cannot defeat the king if you hold doubt in your heart, fool!

Win Quote vs. Akuma
Your power is not to be taken lightly! Will Ryu one day grow to be like you?

Win Quote vs. Balrog
You might actually stand a chance if you stop showing off, fool!

Win Quote vs. Bison
Make no mistake! This man works only for himself!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
It takes more than instinct to defeat me! Even an animal should know that!

Win Quote vs. Cammy
Fear not! Your true power has only just begun to reveal itself!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
If you wish to take on the king, you must rid your heart of mercy, girl!

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
I have no patience for cheaters who rely on tools to get the job done!

Win Quote vs. Dan
Your bitterness does not interest me. A true warrior needs to have pride!

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
You don't stand a chance if you are afraid of hurting your opponent, fool!

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
You cannot master two disciplines at once! Return to your country at once!

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
Only a fool boasts of his strength but cannot back up his words with action!

Win Quote vs. Gen
You used my fists against me! It won't happen again!

Win Quote vs. Gouken
Your power is worthy of respect. Are you somehow related to that man?

Win Quote vs. Guile
This is more than a sloppy bar brawl! Show some pride in your actions!

Win Quote vs. Honda
If you only want to show off your power, go elsewhere! The ring requires skill!

Win Quote vs. Ken
You and Ryu may have a lot in common, but you can't compare to his strength!

Win Quote vs. Rose
No excuses! Show me this power you claim to possess!

Win Quote vs. Rufus
Close your mouth before I speed you along to paradise, fool!

Win Quote vs. Ryu
This fight is not over yet, Ryu! Stand and let's do it again!

Win Quote vs. Ryu (Versus Mode)
The Ryu I knew was more powerful than you! Are you trying to incur my wrath?

Win Quote vs. Sagat
There can be only one king!

Win Quote vs. Sakura
You have a long way to go before you can compare to him, child!

Win Quote vs. Seth
You are nothing but a bag of bolts! You cannot defeat the king!

Win Quote vs. Vega
Only a fool would spend his whole life based around his own ego!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
You claim to fight for your country, yet you cannot even defend yourself?