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Before Battle with CPU Sagat
Ryu: Sagat!
Sagat: I was waiting for an opponent like you.
Ryu: Ready?
Sagat: Hmph!

Personal Action
Get serious!

Come on!

You can do better than that!

Give me a reason to fight.

Disgrace to your art.

Well, let's get going!

We're just getting started!

Talk is cheap.

I walk the path of the true warrior.


The answer lies in the heart of battle.

Round Win Quote
I still don't have what it takes. I must train harder!

This time, victory is mine!

Can you stand up after that?

Win Quote
That look in your eyes... Never forget the fighting spirit you feel now.

I'm ready for a rematch should we cross paths again.

I've a better understanding now of what it means to be a true warrior...

A clenched fist speaks louder than a hundred words.

What a fight! You have my gratitude.

You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance!

I walk my own path, regardless of what direction other men take.

This is the power of Hado! The spirit channeled through the fist!

Don't forget the training you've had until now! Get up and fight again.

Shoes? No, I can't certainly afford them. I go barefoot for comfort.

These two fists are everything to me!

Win Quote vs. Abel
If you have a goal, you must seek it out! Never give up!

Win Quote vs. Akuma
There must be some way to control Satsui no Hado! Surely we are not at its mercy!

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Your power is worthy of praise, boxer! You only need to fight from the heart!

Win Quote vs. Bison
I can never let power such as yours fulfill such dark ambitions!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
Though you do not speak, your fists tell a tale of their own.

Win Quote vs. Cammy
Your technique is solid. All that remains is for you to grow in spirit.

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
Your kicks are impressive. No matter how many times we fight, I remain in awe...

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
Settle down and start a family? I have much to do before I can consider that.

Win Quote vs. Dan
Close but no cigar, friend. Surely you realize what your technique lacks!

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
There is compassion in the way you fight. You have earned my respect.

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
I don't know much about cooking, but your movement and strength impress!

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
Your technique reminds me of someone I once saw...

Win Quote vs. Gen
Ansatsuken... An art devoted to killing. I cannot condone a murderous art!

Win Quote vs. Gouken
Such incredible power! There's no mistaking it. Master, you have returned!

Win Quote vs. Guile
I sense neither anger nor sadness in your fists. You have grown stronger!

Win Quote vs. Honda
You must put your strength to use. Simply showing it off is not enough.

Win Quote vs. Ken
Amazing, Ken. Each time I fight you, I feel something new and different...

Win Quote vs. Rose
You claim to see my future, yet it is I who will forge that future myself.

Win Quote vs. Rufus
You have an interesting technique... Too flashy to be effective, though.

Win Quote vs. Ryu
Any true fight is actually a fight against oneself.

Win Quote vs. Sagat
You haven't lost it, Sagat! Let's fight again another day!

Win Quote vs. Sakura
I'm certain we'll meet again as long as you continue on the warrior's path!

Win Quote vs. Seth
Your failure stems from your obsession with power...

Win Quote vs. Seth (Versus Mode)
You have technique and power, but lack the will to control either.

Win Quote vs. Vega
Your self-love is not justified! One day, you'll face men stronger than me!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
You brag too much about your strength! This will always be your weakness!