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E. Honda
Before Battle with CPU El Fuerte
Honda: Hey! I hear you're a chef! Whaddya say we get a bite after this? Chanko stew'll blow you away!
El Fuerte: Sounds good!

Look out, Olympics! Here I come!

Reporter: Ozeki, how do you plan to make it up to the fans for abandoning the sumo circuit?
Honda's Boss: So, the prodigal son returns! Until you finish up the season, you won't be settin' foot on Japanese soil!
Honda: Bring it on! I'll take on every one of ya!

Personal Action
Wanna get a bite to eat?

We're just gettin' started!


Go on, attack me!

Put your back into it!

What an honor.

What a shame.

You can't hurt me!

Come on already, let's get going!


Round Win Quote
It's a wide world!

You did well. It was an honor!

See that? I'm glorious!

Win Quote
If you wanna learn about strength, sign up for one of my seminars!

You've gotta learn how to use your stomach as a counterweight, fool!

Say, that was kinda fun! You might have what it takes to be a sumo wrestler!

Exercise and training! That's how I got to be this good!

The sponsors won't be pleased with a pitiful move like that!

I'm the best in Japan! Heh, I'm the best in the freakin' world!

Impressed with sumo? Come check out a real match someday, eh?

I'm takin' sumo on a worldwide tour! And you've got front row seats!

You can't be strong if you ain't huge! No fewer than five meals a day, I say!

Wah ha ha! That was fun! Wanna go again?

Ha ha! You can't compete with sumo!

Win Quote vs. Abel
Lookin' for someone, are ya? Have you tried talkin' to the cops?

Win Quote vs. Akuma
You've got a great fighting stance! Low center of gravity is the way to go!

Win Quote vs. Balrog
Between your hooks and counters, color me impressed!

Win Quote vs. Bison
You've gotta keep your feet on the ground if you wanna win in this game!

Win Quote vs. Blanka
Talk about your way-out moves! Show me that again, will ya?

Win Quote vs. Cammy
You're one skinny chick! You might wanna look into eatin' more than once a week!

Win Quote vs. Chun Li
You may be fast, but your kicks feel like mosquito bites to me!

Win Quote vs. Crimson Viper
Talk about weird fighting styles! You got gadgets up the wazoo, dontcha?

Win Quote vs. Dan
You can't just talk the talk, man! One of these days, ya gotta learn how to fight!

Win Quote vs. Dhalsim
Fire breathing? Levitation? Is this a fight or a magic show?

Win Quote vs. El Fuerte
Next time, we'll fight in the kitchen! My chanko stew is unbeatable!

Win Quote vs. Fei Long
What a voice! My ears'll be ringin' for weeks!

Win Quote vs. Gen
For an old-timer, you sure move quick! Guess I underestimated you!

Win Quote vs. Gouken
Say, have I met you before?

Win Quote vs. Guile
You've got skills, but it doesn't look like you're enjoyin' yourself much...

Win Quote vs. Honda
It's hard to beat an opponent who can read every move you've got!

Win Quote vs. Ken
You're one aggressive fighter! I like your style!

Win Quote vs. Rose
That's a strange technique ya got there, sister. You some kinda magician?

Win Quote vs. Rufus
You've got a body like a sumo wrestler! Ever consider joining a stable?

Win Quote vs. Ryu
You're no ordinary man! Ever consider a career in sumo?

Win Quote vs. Sagat
Impressive! I guess you're famous for a reason!

Win Quote vs. Sakura
Good to see you're as peppy as always, kid. Keep it up!

Win Quote vs. Seth
It takes training to really be strong! Imitation is no substitute!

Win Quote vs. Vega
It takes more than speed to topple a giant like me!

Win Quote vs. Zangief
You're one heckuva grappler. Wanna be my apprentice?