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(CPU) Before Battle with Alvan
What on earth are you doing in a place like this anyway? Can't trust you at all, kid.

(CPU) Before Battle with G. Done
Waht. I feel the presence of evil in your body. Just what on earth are you anyway?

(CPU) Before Battle with Gunter
You know, You've been getting a little out of hand lately. Why don't you come along peaceably, eh?

(CPU) Before Battle with Juri
Are you the thief that's been plundering this area?

(CPU) Before Battle with Kazuma
It's been a while, Kazuma. How about a little match before you go?

(CPU) Before Battle with Musafar
You're a robot -- from the Empire! Can't overlook a tool of war!

(CPU) Before Battle with Roomi
Your father asked me to bring you back home whether you like it or not.

(CPU) Defeated by Alvan
You're the prince of Rozalis... Forgive me...

(CPU) Defeated by G. Done
What strength! Could that really be you....

(CPU) Defeated by Gunter
Somebody, stop him!

(CPU) Defeated by Juri
Oh, sorry. I wasn't talking about you....

(CPU) Defeated by Kazuma
You're pretty strong, Kazuma... Looks like you got better while I was away.

(CPU) Defeated by Musafar
No, it's the power of a robot of the Empire! The way it is... Ughh!

(CPU) Defeated by Roomi
Hey, wait a minute! Where are you going to? Come back here!

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Alvan
I'll take you to the police. Your family must be worried sick.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. G. Done
Don't you even know who you are? You mean you did lose your memory or something?

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Gunter
You better go back home without kicking up a fuss.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Juri
Playing cops and robbers doesn't suit one like you, you know what I mean?

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Kazuma
You still have never beat me, Kazuma. You better polish up a little first.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Musafar
You're not gonna do what the Empire wants you to do as long as I'm around.

(CPU) Win Quote vs. Roomi
I know how your father feels, girl.

Before Battle (default/hold B)
I'm Rolf, hero of the Galaxy. Are you ready?

Before Battle (hold A)
You, will you please give it a go with me?

Before Battle (hold C)
Sorry, but you can't beat me. This is my game!

Win Quote (default/hold B)
You're quite strong, aren't you? See me again.

Win Quote (hold A)
We're evenly matched, so there's nothing to complain about.

Win Quote (hold C)
It's always gonna be the same. You can't win!