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Chipp Zanuff
Win Quote vs. Anji
You tryin' to mock me 'cause I'm not Japanese? What kind of weapon is that, anyway?

Win Quote vs. Axl
The way you talk drives me insane! Did you really think you could beat me?

Win Quote vs. Baiken
You've got some nerve for a chick. Is that how they breed 'em back in Japan?

Win Quote vs. Bridget
If you don't have a killing spirit, you shouldn't be fighting. What a waste of time...

Win Quote vs. Chipp
Fool! My master would never have been deceived by such a pale imitation!

Win Quote vs. Dizzy
What a disappointment. You're nothing but a kid! Get out of my sight.

Win Quote vs. Eddie
Controlling a dead body like a puppet... I think my master told me a story like that once.

Win Quote vs. Faust
I can't think of a single word to describe you. All I can do is offer up my condolences. Freak.

Win Quote vs. I-No
You like to fight loose, don't you? Well, it annoys me. Next time I'm going to squash you flat.

Win Quote vs. Jam
You think you can seduce me, huh? You're pathetic. Get lost already!

Win Quote vs. Johnny
I don't like "popular" types, and I definitely don't like gigolos. In other words, I don't like you!

Win Quote vs. Justice
Some weapon that was. If you can't hit me with it, what's the point?

Win Quote vs. Kliff
How're you supposed to hit me with that huge thing? Go back to bed already!

Win Quote vs. Ky
Come on, be a man! Just looking at your face gets me annoyed... All that matters here is power!

Win Quote vs. May
I gave no mercy to my enemies. I won't go easy, even on a girl! ...Still, something doesn't feel right.

Win Quote vs. Millia
If I were being serious, you wouldn't have lasted a second. Go on, get out of here!

Win Quote vs. Potemkin
Lose some weight, will you? What's the point of all those muscles if you can't hit me?

Win Quote vs. Robo-Ky
You work your muscles hard enough, they'll grow stronger than iron. I'm not letting a machine outdo me!

Win Quote vs. Slayer
What's with that condescending look? I'm the one who won, right? Damn!

Win Quote vs. Sol
Hopefully this'll teach you not to screw around with us humans.

Win Quote vs. Testament
All these flashy, fancy moves. Is that all you got? I'm disappointed!

Win Quote vs. Venom
What's with the outfit? You going to a costume party, or you just trying to weird me out?

Win Quote vs. Zappa
Alright, that's enough of that weirdness! ...You need to teach me how to move like that!