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Assist Call

Character Select
You're up against me now!

Character Select (Alt)
Was that some sort of... trick?

Defender of Love & Justice, Great Saiyaman! (Activate)
You're not giving up?

Defender of Love & Justice, Great Saiyaman! (Complete)
That was really lame.

You're mine!

Here we go!

Justice Combination
Take this!

Justice Revenge

Justice Rush
I'm goin' all out!

Justice Rush
Get ready!

Match Start vs. Gohan (Adult)
Don't you dare go easy on me, Gohan!

Moonsault Kick
Can you beat this?

Moonsault Kick
Over here!

Rainbow Storm
Here I go! Bye!

Rainbow Storm
Here! Take this!

Restore My Health
Please heal my body!

Summon Shenron
I summon you, Shenron!

Tag In
My turn!

Thanks so much!

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