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Kan'u Uncho

Win Quote vs Cho'un Shiryu
Are you not focused, Xing?

Win Quote vs Kan'u Uncho
Huh! I won't lose against the fake one.

Win Quote vs. Gakushin Bunken (Scenario Mode)
I'm not slow enough for your fists to break through.

Win Quote vs. Kakoen Myosai (Scenario Mode)
My Green Dragon Blade was faster than your bow.

Win Quote vs. Ryofu Hosen (Scenario Mode)
General Hi has fallen before Kan Unchō.

Win Quote vs. Shuutai Youhei (Scenario Mode)
Huh! A novice can't be my opponent.

Win Quote vs. Sonken Chubo (Scenario Mode)
Do you think you're capable of reconstructing Sun Wu?

Win Quote vs. Sonshoko (Scenario Mode)
I'm good at babysitting. Thanks to Lingling.

Win Quote vs. Sousou Motoku (Scenario Mode)
So calling yourself the sovereign is just a bluff.

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