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Cole MacGrath
Throw Moves
Body Toss (close)/
Cole grabs the opponent with his Amp and swings around them, using the momentum to fling them across ...
Amp Slam
Cole steps up off of his opponent into the air, then comes back down with a turning Amp attack.
Amp Launch
Cole slides under his opponent, launching them up, then hits them further upward with his Amp.
Basic Moves
Lightning Bolts (hold)/(air)
Cole flings bolts of electricity. If Cole gets five hits in a row (either by holding the button or m ...
Frost Shield (hold)(air)
Cole puts up a shield of chilling energy that absorbs projectiles into his super meter.
Static Thrusters (in air)
Cole uses tiny charges of electricity from his hands to slow his descent.
Command Moves
Wall Hang (in air)(wall)(hold)+
Cole can cling to walls.
Lightning Bolts (hold)/
Cole flings bolts of electricity. If Cole gets five hits in a row (either by holding the button or m ...
String Move
Amp Combo ,,(air)
Special Moves
Lightning Tether (in air)/+
Cole lashes forward with a whip of electricity, and pulls himself toward any solid object or being i ...
Grind /+
Cole uses his electric powers to propel himself forward quickly.
Cole screeches to a halt.
Leaping Shoulder Tackle
Cole lifts out of his dash for a jumping body check.
GigaWatt Blades Combo
Cole comes out of his dash swinging lighting punch daggers. Can be jump-canceled.
Sticky Grenade /+(air)
Cole lobs a ball of electricity that sticks to any surface or player it hits. After a couple of seco ...
Freeze Rocket /+(air)
Freezing projectile.
Thunder Drop +(air)
Cole leaps up and comes back down to strike with electricity.
Alpha Blast +(air)
Cole throws a fast-moving shockwave of energy that knocks foes back. Is thrown diagonally while in t ...
Ice Barrier +(air)
Cole conjures a large spiky glacier that damages foes.
Amp Explosion +(air)
Cole holds his Amp above him, causing a small detonation from it.
Redirect Rocket +(air)
Cole fires a ball of electricity upward, which continues to slowly drift in that direction, damaging ...
Ice Launch +(air)
Cole propels himself upward with a glacier. If done in the air, it's an ice stalactite that drops do ...
Super Moves
[Level 1] Human Bullet (hold)
Cole lifts an opponent into the air with his electric powers, then hurdles them forward. The actual ...
[Level 2] Ionic Freeze
Cole covers all ground in front of him with ice spikes. The spikes can even travel down or up small ...
[Level 3] Electric Tornado
Cole leaps up to the foreground while the player controls a giant electric whirlwind with various ob ...

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