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Universal Gameplay

Gameplay Systems
Cross Rush
Cross Rush is a technique unique to Street Fighter X Tekken that should be learned right from the get-go. No matter what characters you are using or what team you create, by pressing Light, Medium, Heavy and Heavy attacks in order, you will execute a powerful combo that will also tag in your partner once it is complete!
Gem System
The Gem system is a fundamental part of the SF X TK system! Gems consist of Boost Gems which boost a character's parameters during battle, and Assist Gems which help support a player's abilities. Boost Gems have various activation conditions and effects, and allow a player to customize a character to suit their playstyle, complement your strengths or cover up your weaknesses. Assist Gems have effects that can help out a player's natural ability, and is recommended for players who are new to fighting games. The Gem system allows veterans to explore new strategies while supporting novices.
Launchers are vital attacks that can be used to start punishing air combos! By pressing Heavy Punch and Kick simultaneously, you will send your opponent flying into the air and automatically tag in your standby character, allowing you to continue with a powerful combo! Tekken players can continue the assault with their tried and true attacks too! Street Fighter characters can also perform air combos!
Super Art
Using the Cross Gauge you can immediately unleash a Super Art! Ryu's famed Shinku Hadoken! Kazuya's Devil Beam! The Tekken characters all have original Super Art techniques!
Super Charge
With the Super Charge technique, you can hold down a button for Ryu's Hadoken, or for Kazuya's Demon God Fist to charge it. You can charge a move up to 3 levels, and once you do that, it will automatically turn into a Super Art without using the Cross Gauge.
Switching / Switch Canceling
By pressing Medium Punch and Kick simultaneously, you will be able to switch between characters! Switching leaves you wide open to attacks, but you will be able to switch between characters without using the Cross Gauge! Switch Canceling is an important feature of the battle system. It greatly increases the viability of your attacks. Used when attacking, it allows you to keep up the pressure with a barrage of attacks, and it will also let you cover for any holes in your attack! However, it uses 1 block of the Cross Gauge, so it must be used with care. Pressing Medium Punch and Kick simultaneously normally will allow you to perform a switch without consuming any of the Cross Gauge.

Universal Moves

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